Windows and Doors Sample Pre-Construction Estimate

Estimating services are required for all opening frames, door and windows. We provide installation and material cost after calculation and briefly described to the door and frame contractors, intended for marking their labor markups in a bid. Aluminum, Bronze, Vinyl, Fiberglass and metal door contractors.

Labor costs for special material and function door and windows are calculated by taking off the material and respective labor to install the openings in commercial and residential facilities.

Doors and Frames:

This section discusses Metal Doors and Frames, Wood Doors, Plastic Doors, Composite Doors, and Integrated Door Opening Assemblies.

Specialty Doors and Frames:

This section is regarding

  • Access Doors and Panels
  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • Coiling Doors and Grilles
  • Special Function Doors
  • Folding Doors and Grilles
  • Panel Doors
  • Garage Doors
  • Traffic Doors
  • Pressure-Resistant Doors

Wood & Plastic Doors

Where local work rules permit, pre-hung doors and windows are becoming prevalent in the industry. For pre-hung units, locksets and interior casings are usually extra. As these may be standard for a number of doors in any particular building, they need only be counted. Remember that exterior pre-hung doors need casings on the interior. Leave space in the tabulation on the Quantity Sheet for casings, stops, grounds, and hardware. This can be done either on the same sheet or on separate sheets.

Special Doors

There are many types of specialty doors that may be included—for example, sliding glass doors, overhead garage doors, and bulkhead doors. These items should be taken off individually. The estimator should thoroughly examine the plans and specifications to be sure to include all hardware, operating mechanisms, fire ratings, finishes, and any special installation requirements.

Our estimators possess extensive building industry field experience and understand our pro customers’ practical needs when it comes to providing accurate framing take-offs. The accuracy of the software, along with the ability for you to easily view the 3D model of your project, helps eliminate any guesswork about how much material you’ll need to complete the job. The end result for you is a savings of time and money per project.