Outsource Estimating Services

When you Outsource Estimating Services and takeoff process to experts you save money because you do not need a full-time estimator and you do not need to invest in expensive estimating software. Outsourcing estimating is easy and cost-effective – all they need from you is a set of plans!

How can I trust their work?

As the owner of an outsourced estimating firm, I have talked to hundreds of contractors about this service. Three concerns are commonly expressed: qualification of estimators, confidentiality, and liability on mistakes.

I respond to the qualification concern by asking, “How would you qualify an estimator you want to hire to work at your office?” The answer: You review resumes, interview them and contact any references they provide.

It is the same for hiring a outsource estimator; you need to interview them. Get references and background information. Ask them how they estimate and what types of jobs they have worked on. Ask for samples of their work—something you probably can’t do with an estimator you hire off the street.

Regarding confidentiality, your “in-house” estimator has access and is privy to far more confidential information than any outsource estimator. In fact, you can control the flow of information better with an outsource company than you can with your own employees.

Outsource Estimator
Outsource Estimator

How quickly can you expect a takeoff or estimate?

It varies depending on the project size and type. To give you an idea, we typically turn around a lumber estimate on a single or two-story residential home within 12-36 hours from receiving the plans! On a single or two-story residential home quantifying slab through lintel, again we typically turn it around within 12-36 hours! Turnaround times for commercial projects vary from project to project due to the size, complexity, and uniqueness.

Benefits of outsourcing construction cost estimation services: 

 – Highly skilled and experienced team of engineers

– Cost-effective solutions

– Customized services

– Takeoff is prepared carefully

– Precision in work that provides a high success rate

– The quick turnaround time that ensures timely delivery

 – 100% customer satisfaction
 – Use us only when you need us and yay us only when you use us
 – Manage the peaks and valleys of your estimating workload
 – Bid more – get more
 – Spend more time pricing your labor correctly than counting bricks

Need a construction estimate or material takeoff done? Real Estimate Service will assist you when you need it. We provide timely construction estimates for both Residential and Commercial Projects. Outsourcing makes perfect sense for building professionals, architects, and building owners. Establishing project costs, early on, will provide you with the information needed to place your project on a solid foundation. Contact Real Estimate Service today.

We do it all for you; it is that simple. This will free up your time and save you the hassle of completing an estimate from start to finish. We work with your project or we will find you jobs to bid and get the plans (if needed), prepare the bid in your name, estimate the project, get a current bidders list, call and try to build up the relationship, send out items for a quote to your suppliers, complete the bid, close out the bid with you, submit your bid, try and get bid results, negotiate the win and track the bid until awarded.