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Are you in need of professional Xactimate estimating services? Whether you’re a contractor, homeowner, adjuster, lawyer, or property owner, Real estimating services provides hassle-free and reliable Xactimate estimating services. Our platform offers expert freelance Xactimate estimators, remote Xactimate estimator services, and Xactimate estimate writing services.


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Xactimate Estimating Services

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Our expert estimators will provide your estimate in PDF format via email within 1-3 days, excluding Sundays and national holidays. For extensive orders, additional time may be required. Rest assured that all our estimates are meticulously prepared by experienced professionals.


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Affordable prices that start at 1000$-$1500 per month (Scope Of The Project) Savings of up to 60% compared to hiring an estimator in-house Customized services that can use your preferred CSI format, cost codes, and material codes Assured confidentiality.


How much does a monthly takeoff package cost? Our prices start at 1000$-$1500 per month (Scope Of The Project). For a quick quote based on your project scope, call us at +1-917-725-4172 or email us at info@realestimateservice.com