Real Estimating offers efficient BIM estimating services with complete project details and specifications. Our team uses the most efficient 2D and 3D takeoff systems to get all estimating details. We are experts in providing reliable and simple ways to detail takeoffs from 3D models and 2D drawings efficiently. We use certified BIM estimating software, such as Autodesk and Sage, for innovative and practical BIM takeoff solutions. Our team links all models directly to cost and specification variables in the customized estimating database after the completion of takeoffs.

What are some effective strategies for handling BIM productively estimating services?

Real Estimating is a competitive name in the market, offering affordable, precise, flexible, and easy-to-use BIM estimating services. Our team efficiently utilizes BIM estimating software to draw relevant data from the building information model (BIM) to generate highly precise and efficient quantities. This approach increases efficiency in model-based projects, allowing contractors to combine 2D and 3D takeoffs. Our estimators can develop early cost estimates using a 2D program and update the model to include all construction elements for increasingly difficult projects.

What advantages can your business gain from using BIM estimating services provided by Real Estimating?

Real Estimating is a professional and competitive BIM estimating platform with diverse benefits for clients. Our BIM estimates improve building designs and lifecycle management, provide sustainable designs, and effective maintenance, and enhance branding. We offer accurate BIM cost estimation services and streamline workflow integration throughout the project. Our BIM design projects provide timely and pertinent information for the benefit of all involved.
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