Building Estimating Service

Building Estimators prepare and deliver estimates for the cost of materials, labour and equipment needed to complete a construction or building project.

Estimation of a Building with Plan

  1. Check dimension of each block is provided or not.
  2. The check Schedule of the opening is there.
  3. Check specification of work.
  4. Check the thickness of the wall is same or changes.
  5. Check Rise and tread dimension of the stair.
  6. Check type of foundation and its details drawing.

To calculate the quantities of materials, you need to multiply the total centre line length with breadth and depth of the construction. The centre line length will be reduced by half of breadth of every junction where the main wall is joined with the cross walls, partitions or verandah.

What is the importance of construction cost estimating?

Construction cost estimating has a vital role to play in any construction project.

Ultimately, an accurate cost estimate will prevent the builder from losing money and help the customer avoid overpaying.

A knowledge of overall cost allows for plans to be adapted before they’re put into action. It’s every project planner’s worst nightmare to be halfway through a project, only to realize that the budget doesn’t stretch to finish it.

Any project can benefit from construction cost estimating, from building new structures to remodeling efforts.

No matter the project size, due to the risks involved, a significant concern for both builders and clients is the financial impact of cost overruns and failing to complete a project.

Therefore, it is in both parties’ best interest to spend time researching and estimating project expenditures before proceeding. Clients who are considering extensive projects often look for multiple cost estimates, including those prepared by contractors and those assessed by independent estimators.

Bid Estimates

Bid estimates meet the criteria defined in the Level 5 Definitive Estimate in terms of accuracy. The bid combines construction documents, take-offs, and direct costs. In the bid estimation process, the estimator approximates the project cost and submits paperwork to ensure the project’s potential. 

Determining Budget from Estimates

Establishing a budget is crucial in construction management. The estimator or project manager calculates the total costs of the project and level of funding and budget allocations necessary for completion. This calculation leads to creating the budget. The project manager estimates the total cost by using the estimate and includes risk management activities along with reserves (contingency and management).

What Are Building Estimates?

Building estimate is a process of forecasting the costs and expenses encountered while constructing a physical structure. It is one of the essential parts of any construction process. Estimating a project’s price requires a deep understanding of the building cost estimates and the phases related to it. It helps calculate the cost of a new structure to build or even redesign the existing system.

The construction industry is subjected to a lot of risks in terms of cost. Both the contractor and the client are concerned with the overrun or shortfall of a project’s expenses. Therefore, it is essential to research thoroughly and estimate the best possible costs for a construction project to avoid any unwanted event during the operational phase. Some clients prefer multiple building estimates for big projects. In this case, prices are estimated by contractors and independent estimators.

A building estimate is a type of project management technique that encounters the project’s efficiency in terms of the total time required to complete the project and the total cost. The cost estimate is for both the project owner as well as the contractor. The project owner carries out building estimates to find the feasibility and scope of the project. Whereas, the contractor uses the building estimate process to decide whether it is a potential project to bid or not.

Experience Factor

Because we provide estimates to our traditional engineering-only clients and well as our design-build construction clients, we have developed an extensive database of cost information on a wide variety of domestic and foreign projects.

Our approach to estimating is to assign a lead estimator whose experience and leadership is a good fit for the team and project. The lead estimator is involved from project concept through construction completion and is supported by discipline-specific estimators as needed. A baseline estimate is established early, and updates occur as issues arise. We do not do this just at 30 percent, 60 percent and 90 percent drawing completion. This is the key to keeping the project within budget and on schedule.