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How Much Does It Cost to Pave a Driveway? 

How much does it cost to pave 1000 square feet? Cost to Pave a Driveway: The average Southern California driveway is approximately 1,000 sq. ft. Brick driveway paving cost on a space that size will typically come in at around $8,500, with removal of the old driveway, base and paving stone installation. Driveway Cost By Material […]

Asphalt Tonnage Calculator

Asphalt Paving Calculator

How to Calculate Asphalt Tonnage – 5 Simple Steps Step 1: Measure your pathway. Step 2: Convert the measurements to feet. Step 3: Multiply the measurements to cubic feet. Step 4: Multiply the weight density of asphalt with the volume figure. Step 5: Covert the amount to tons. How thick should asphalt be? Residential driveways […]

How to calculate Paving Estimate

How much does it cost to pave a driveway? A professionally paved driveway enhances the look and function of your home — their appeal is undeniable. Nationwide, paving a driveway costs between $2700 and $6500. Depending on the size of your driveway and choice of materials, you could pay as little as $1200 to $12,000 or more. The […]

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Paving Estimate

How do I estimate the cost of a paved driveway? For the simplest estimate, you can use this formula. Length x width=Square footage of the driveway. Driveway sq ft x $3= low end cost. Driveway sq ft x 7= high end cost. Driveway sq ft x $2= low end cost. Driveway sq ft x $4= […]