Hire an Outsource Estimator | Electrical Contractor 

How to Estimate Electrical Work – Basic steps to do it right

  1. Choose the Right Work to Bid.
  2. Review the Specifications.
  3. Review the Drawings.
  4. Perform a Quantity Takeoff.
  5. Request Supplier Quotes.
  6. Create your Estimate.
  7. Add Overhead and Profit.
  8. Build your Proposal.

What does an electrical estimator do?

An electrical estimator works closely with the senior estimating staff to provide electrical estimates. They collect and analyze quotes from suppliers and subcontractors during the bidding process to obtain the complete bid package pricing and qualification information.

How much does it cost to wire a 1500 sq ft house?

ft. home is $2,000 to $6,000, or about $2 to $4 per square foot. Rewiring a house over 2,500 sq. ft.

Cost To Rewire a Home Per Square Foot.

Square FeetAverage Cost
1,000$2,000 – $4,000
1,200$2,200 – $5,500
1,500$3,500 – $7,500
2,000$6,500 – $12,500

How long does it take to rewire a 3 bedroom house?

6-10 days As the size of a property increases, so does the cost and the amount of time needed in order to rewire the entire property: a 1 bedroom house will take on average between 4-7 days, whereas a 3 bedroom house will take 6-10 days to rewire.

Our Electrical Estimating Services include:

Electrical Takeoffs:

Our Electrical Takeoff services include Fire Alarm takeoffs, Access control takeoffs, Grounding and bonding takeoffs, Intercom takeoffs, Landscape lighting takeoffs, Nurse Call takeoffs, Pipe and wire concealment takeoffs, Medium voltage distribution takeoffs, Audio takeoffs, Visual Takeoffs, Distribution of Low voltage takeoffs, Security takeoffs, Photovoltaic collectors takeoffs, Conduit takeoffs, Motion sensors takeoffs, Halogen and low voltage lighting takeoffs, Cable trays takeoffs, Neon lighting takeoffs, cold cathode lighting takeoffs, remote-source lighting takeoffs, Raceways takeoffs, Gaslighting takeoffs, Medical lighting takeoffs, Healthcare Lighting takeoffs, Central lighting takeoffs, Chandeliers takeoffs, Theatrical lighting takeoffs, Residential-style interior takeoffs, Electrical supplies takeoffs, and Electrical metering takeoffs.

Electrical Estimating Services:

Cost estimating services for electrical contractors

Our Electrical Estimating services include Fire Alarm Estimating Services, Access control Estimating Services, Grounding and bonding Estimating Services, Intercom Estimating Services, Landscape lighting Estimating Services, Nurse Call Estimating Services, Pipe and wire concealment Estimating Services, Medium voltage distribution Estimating Services, Audio Estimating Services, Visual Estimating Services, Distribution of Low voltage Estimating Services, Security Estimating Services, Photovoltaic collectors Estimating Services, Conduit Estimating Services, Motion sensors Estimating Services, Halogen and low voltage lighting Estimating Services, Cable trays Estimating Services, Neon lighting Estimating Services, cold cathode lighting Estimating Services, remote-source lighting Estimating Services, Raceways Estimating Services, Gaslighting Estimating Services, Medical lighting Estimating Services, Healthcare Lighting Estimating Services, Central lighting Estimating Services, Chandeliers Estimating Services, Theatrical lighting Estimating Services, Residential-style interior Estimating Services, Electrical supplies Estimating Services and Electrical metering Estimating Services.