Outsourcing Estimating Services WASHINGTON, DC

Real Estimation Services is an independent consultancy firm providing structural designing and construction estimating services such as quantity Takeoff services ,conceptual cost estimates, bid estimates and project cost management to construction companies and contractors etc. We are field experienced with a diverse background in residential, commercial, and civil construction projects. We provide construction estimating services with 99% accuracy.

Our staff of certified estimators will provide you with a reliable building cost estimate. We are extremely accurate and efficient helping building professionals determine the cost of building any size building. The estimates and takeoffs are detailed, accurate, and inexpensive. We can email or fax them to you in any format you require. Our clients are building owners, architects, developers, engineers, building professionals, and suppliers of all sizes.

Real Estimation has successfully estimated hundreds of construction projects around the country and overseas. We have a reputation for accuracy and quick completion times.

Our freelance estimators are field experienced with a diverse background in residential, commercial, and civil construction estimating.

Our Portfolio

Companies involved in both public and private projects reach out to us for a reliable bill of materials. Our portfolio includes:

  • Residential: Single-family to multiple-family residential homes, Condominiums, Apartment buildings
  • Commercial: Movie theaters, Offices, Warehouses, Auditoriums
  • Industrial: Wastewater treatment plants, Power generation, Biofuels, Manufacturing units, Petrochemicals, and refineries
  • Retail: Shopping malls, Grocery stores, restaurants, Showrooms
  • Civil: Highways, Dams, Bridges
  • Institutional: Schools, Universities, Medical centers, Community centers, Prisons
  • Mining & Marine projects
  • Renovations and remodeling

In construction estimating, bills of quantities are normally only prepared on larger projects. On smaller projects, or for alteration work the contractor can be expected to measure their own quantities from drawings and schedules of work. Schedules of work are ‘without quantities’ instructional lists that allow the contractor to identify significant work and materials that will be needed to complete the works and to calculate the quantities that will be required. The cost estimating services goes through four phases including preliminary, conceptual, schematic and detailed estimation services. In the case of the construction activities, detailed estimation is the ideal way of Estimating construction costs. It is necessary to calculate the estimate of the cost used on the materials. Our cost estimators keep an account of the estimate of the various types of material, its size, and various other features. The production of various processes carried out is also taken into account. Hence the final cost estimate prepared shall include even the minute expenses on every aspect.

We are also providing Single Item Estimates including

  • Masonry & CMU
  • Drywall, Partition, Framing & Carpentry
  • Painting & Wall Finishes
  • Flooring
  • Roofing
  • Structural Works
  • Concrete
  • Excavation & Site Work
  • MEP Works
  • Landscape
  • Shop Drawings

Different Types of Estimates

There are 5 fundamental types of construction estimates based on accuracy. These include;

  • Rough Order to Magnitude: When very limited information is available (very early stage of the project) then (ROM) can give a ballpark figure for project cost. (variance: -25% to +75%)
  • Feasibility Estimates: Estimates prepared to study the feasibility of the project and make go/no-go decisions.
  • Preliminary: A high-level estimate that doesn’t include a detailed breakdown. It is used to compare alternatives.
  • Substantive: After the completion of the design phase, the substantive estimate is prepared which is much accurate.
  • Definitive: It is a detailed and most-accurate estimate with a detailed breakdown of all the materials and costs required for a construction project.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Construction Estimating Services

  • Professional estimating companies give you the assurance of high-quality services in terms of accurate material takeoffs, man-hours and labor costs.
  • An accurate estimate saves you from underquoting and over quoting on your bids.
  • By getting timely deliveries of your estimates, you no longer have to miss any opportunities.
  • A quick bill of material fastens your bidding process, contributing towards bidding on more projects which increases the chances of winning more.
  • You save the expense of buying expensive software and hiring and training estimating staff.
  • Even if you have an in house estimator, his services can be utilized in bid filing and managing bidding network profiles rather than performing estimates.
  • When you have experts to assist you, your estimating efficiency gets improved which leads to better profit potential.
  • Professional estimates comply with international standards to avoid any misinterpretation and ambiguity.
  • By saving time and energy, you can stay focused on your core business, developing strategies for growth, networking, meeting clients and possible partners.
  • By outsourcing estimating, project managers can easily handle multiple projects at a time.
  • Outsourcing keeps your overhead expenses to a minimum and increases your bid volume.