What does an MEP Estimator do?

MEP Estimating

MEP engineers assign a unit cost to each item based on the local prices. Unit cost is then multiplied by the required quantity to get the total, and the sum of the total cost for each department yields the final cost estimation.

The MEP Estimator supports the bidding process by developing and preparation of MEP System cost estimates for construction projects and services as assigned. Estimates project costs as it relates to the MEP Systems.

What is an estimator responsible for?

An estimator is responsible for determining the total cost of a construction project. The first step of doing so involves validating the project’s Scope of Work. The Scope of Work is a document that lays out the entirety of work that needs to be done in order to complete the building project.

How can I be a good estimator?

A good construction cost estimator must be knowledgeable, accurate, diligent, and analytical. They must be able to take on each job and make accurate estimates, as well as actively looking to improve future estimates and results. Anyone considering hiring an estimator should be well aware of these qualities.


Our mission is to provide professional estimating services to our clients.

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We want our clients to see us as part of their team. We believe in integrity, a commitment to service,  leadership, and collaboration.

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  • Professional Estimating services
  • Bid strategy Development
  • Blueprint take-off
  • Cost Analysis
  • Estimate review
  • Bid proposals
  • Time & Labor Management
  • Estimating Training


The development business is a finely tuned industry that expects tender loving care. Exact assessment can have the effect of winning and losing offers and can likewise influence overall revenues toward the finish of an undertaking. This is the justification for why general project workers like to re-appropriate development gauges as opposed to doing it without help from anyone else. We offer types of help to homebuilders, designers, modelers, and general workers for hire. We have been engaged with the development and building industry for a really long time, and our expert specialists get what’s engaged with making a point by point and exact material departures and assessments for development and building projects.


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  • Value Engineering Services
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  • Understanding of various duct shapes and their applications

MEP Estimation Methods:

  • Benchmarking: This method is used in the early stages of the project and is based on looking at recent similar projects and using the project’s data to estimate the cost. This method will give us a rough estimate of the total cost of our project by looking at recent projects like ours.
  • Square Foot/ Assembly: Square foot estimates also make use of historical data to estimate the costs. This method becomes useful only after the development of the work scope, projecting equipment costs, architectural systems, etc. Historical data can be more accurate than take-offs, as it will ensure you never forget an element.
  • Unit Takeoff: This method requires a more developed design. It is based on counting the necessary quantities and applying unit costs to them in an effort to forecast the overall material cost.
  • Experience: As a result of the inaccessibility of some things, they cannot be estimated. In this case, an experienced contractor can use his experience as well as the data from previous projects to easily provide a cost estimate.

We extend our services to Construction Professionals across the USA for example to the General Contractors, Sub Contractors, and House Constructors. So, make sure to contact us if you are ever in need of an estimate.