Which is the best freelance electrical estimating service?

We are a freelance electrical estimating service that will leave you more time to focus on your business and clients. Real Estimating Service Ltd is a team of highly experienced electrical estimators. We can deal with all your requirements in a confidential and cost-effective way which enables you to bid on more jobs and be more successful.

How can I help my company with estimating?

Offering your company regular independent estimating services or assisting your team during busy periods or staff holidays. Use my service as you need it. Estimating services to be structured to complement your own team or provide a totally independent estimating solution. How Can I Help You?

What is electrical estimating software?

Electrical estimating software is capable of estimating electrical jobs of any size. From simple tenant improvements to hundreds of millions of dollars. Built-in electrical item and assembly database. Use digital plans for takeoff and update your pricing with the integrated EPIC Pricing service.
Our expert team of electrical estimators, engineers, and industrial electronics professionals with diverse past experiences working with contractors, estimators, and electricians possess their expertise in delivering electrical takeoff software like PlanSwift, ConEst, Accubid, and Bluebeam. Their expertise in this industry benefits you in providing accurate and useful electrical estimates to win bids and elevate your project.
This service is proven to build relationships with your clients as each estimate is produced in a professional manner, laid out exactly as per contract documents. We will liaise with you through the whole process using preferred material, labor, and special rates to ultimately provide you with the most competitive and compliant bid.

In today’s economy, having an independent electrical estimator provides a number of benefits. We provide a means of being able to bid on that extra job that you might otherwise have to pass on due to a lack of time to compile the estimate. Perhaps our services provide a means to lower your overhead cost, of having an on-staff electrical estimator. Our Freelance Estimating services are the perfect choice for smaller contractors who cannot support a full-time estimating staff.

We will provide you with:

  • The original Takeoff Sheets
  • Complete Material Breakdowns
  • Complete Labor Breakdowns
  • Request for Lighting Quote
  • Request for Gear Quote

We specialize only in Electrical Estimating and we are experts in what we do. We have been providing electrical estimates for many years and we know exactly what your client or the main contractor expects from you. We can undertake to estimate for all sectors of the electrical building services industry. Whether it is a fully designed, partly designed, or a design and build project, we deliver your estimate when you need it.

Let’s Talk

Communication is key to almost everything we do.  Contracting, Project Management, and Estimating are no exceptions.  Proper communication can help ensure that a bid is successful.  That’s why when you receive a bid report it won’t be a lot of confusing information.  Instead, it will show a breakdown of material costs and labor units which allows you to quickly review the project.  After reviewing the report(s) we prefer to speak with you about the project, this is mutually beneficial, it helps you learn a bit more about what’s happening and it helps us fine-tune costs/expenses and markups to give you the best chance at winning the bid and being awarded the contract. Our primary goal is to help your company succeed and grow.  Electrical contracting can be competitive and we can provide you with the edge you need in order to do so.
We are not your typical estimating company, we come with hands-on experience and knowledge in all facets of the Electrical Industry. We are not a group of people that just decided to learn a piece of software one day and start an estimating company, we have the know-how as to how to put a job together, in and out of the office. This gives you the advantage of knowing that when we supply you with an estimate, we give you a unique perspective of an Estimator, Project Manager, and an Electrician, all in one, which will always give you the winning edge!

Give us a try today and experience what others already know…. With our Experience, Knowledge, Dedication, and Determination….You WILL be the beneficiary of a winning and profitable partner in your endeavors!