5 reasons Why you Should Hire a Freelance Estimator

Today, we’re explaining the top reasons why estimators add value to construction plans, and where you can enquire about the best construction estimating services for your current or next project. Please Follow Us!


Estimators take everything into account – starting with the vision you have for your project. The right estimator will take the time to understand your ideal outcome, your priorities, and how you plan to tackle your construction project. From here, your estimator will be able to calculate what is feasible and realistically achievable within your budget. They’ll work closely with you to determine which elements of your project can be scaled down or even scaled up, giving you a clear understanding of how to approach the job.


Estimates are created around specific tasks and the skills required to complete those tasks.

Your estimate, therefore, gives you clues about who you need to do the work. And in turn, that gives you a good idea about how long the work will take.

For example, a senior developer might take a week to complete a task, but your apprentice developer would take a month and need someone else working alongside them to help check the work and support them during the coding. Knowing this you can then decide what’s more important: having the work done quickly or upskilling the apprentice. Or maybe you won’t have a choice if the skilled developer is working on something else and isn’t available.

Either way, estimating the work and thinking of who is involved in doing it will give you invaluable information for your plan.

3- Eliminate Headaches and Wasted Time:

You don’t have to chase down material price changes. Copper’s up, steel’s down and aluminum is bouncing like a yo-yo. Whatever is happening with your material prices, you don’t have to be the one chasing those prices, spending hours trying to get and track the latest price sheets from your clients. Nor do you have to spend days agonizing over every detail in your estimate that is likely to be inaccurate. Simply turn over the plans on the latest project you’ve discovered and let the construction estimating services handle it for you.

4- Grow Your Business: 

More importantly, you can focus on what matters most– running your business. It’s easy to get distracted by all of the details in running your business, but when it really comes down to it, your expertise is construction, not running a computer, fretting over spreadsheets, or worrying over material price estimates. By outsourcing your estimating process to construction estimating services, you can ensure that you’ve got plenty of time to keep your business running in the black instead of running over budget–again.

5- Estimations can affect building schedules

In order to submit a tender to undertake and kickstart your build as timely as possible, your cost estimation needs to be as accurate as can be. Creating this type of building cost estimation yourself is both time-consuming and often, strenuous! A professional estimator or cost estimating service will take a variety of factors into account, including:

  • The materials and labor needed to complete the building project (including rates, material prices, hours, etc)
  • Contingency costs and variances
  • Inflation costs
  • Operation and maintenance costs
  • Your desired outcome

This professional perspective will ensure all bases are covered from the very beginning – helping you to keep both your build and budget on track.

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