Roofing Estimating Services – Accurate Roof Takeoff Estimate

When evaluating roofing estimating services the cost of installing new roofing, there are several aspects to consider. Although roofing material counts for a major portion of the cost, you must also consider the number of stories, the complexity of the roof, the slope or pitch, the number of chimneys, skylights, dormers, ridges, the roofing company, geographic location, taxes, and permits.

Sounds like a hectic task right? Well, don’t worry we got you covered!

This article demonstrates the factors affecting the cost of installing or replacing your roof whether it is a residential or a commercial project. Also discussed is outsourcing estimating company so you can focus more on constructing and not estimating. So let’s get started.

3-Step Roofing Estimating Process

It’s crucial to understand how to estimate roofing materials. It will not only reduce waste but also guarantee that you only buy what you need for the roofing project. To figure out how much material you’ll need, you’ll need to calculate your roof area or the total size of your roof. Here’s a simple 3 step process our roofing estimators utilize in their estimate.

1. Estimating Shingles

  1. Start with the total square footage of the roof.
  2. Determine the total number of squares.
  3. Determine the bundles of shingles needed to cover the roof.
  4. Consider the waste by adding 10% extra to the shingle estimate.

2. Estimating Roofing Underlayment

  1. Find the square footage of the roof.
  2. Find the number of squares.
  3. Determine the number of rolls of underlayment needed.

3. Estimating Other Materials

  1. Measure for drip edge (metal flashing).
  2. Estimate how many roofing nails you’ll need. 
  3. Gauge the amount of hip and ridge cap shingles.
  4. Take other miscellaneous costs into account (venting, ice/water shield, delivery cost).

Our Roof Estimate includes

  • Roof Tiles
  • Shingles
  • Unit Skylights
  • Tubular
  • Metal-Framed Skylights
  • Roofing and Insulation Fasteners
  • Roof Pavers
  • Modified Bituminous membrane
  • Single-ply plastic membrane
  • Fluid Applied
  • Coated Foamed
  • Damp Roofing
  • Sheet
  • Sheet Metal
  • Green Walls
  • Roof Gardens
  • Metal Flashings
  • Copings
  • Fascia‚Äôs
  • Flexible Flashing
  • Built-up Bituminous
  • Roofing and insulation Adhesives

What to expect in a roofing estimate?

Learn about a roofing estimate before you select a roofing company for a professional roof repair or replacement. A roofing estimate gives you a general idea of what to expect from the roofing provider and how much the project will cost.

The more knowledgeable you are about what the estimate should cover, the more equipped you will be to choose wisely.

Roofing companies that are submitting bids for a roof replacement are likely to go over the specifics of the estimate with you in order to respond to your inquiries and take care of any potential issues. Therefore, evaluating how well they explain the estimate before they start the task.

Listed below is a brief guide that can help you with the specifics of repairs or replacements if you are inexperienced with roofing estimates. You should anticipate these fundamental components in every roofing contractor’s quote.

  • The complete list of roofing materials
  • Underlayment for roofs: varieties and thicknesses
  • When and where the flashing is placed
  • the length and width of the screws and nails
  • Waterproofing sealant type.
  • Adjustments to the ventilation
  • Products from a manufacturer of your choice

You may close more sales and produce more leads with increased safety and efficiency if your estimation is more precise and your liability expenses are minimized.

Finding a Roofing estimating company near you

Preparing a roofing cost estimate for your project will be challenging. However, it will only be achievable if you know exactly what you are looking for. Considering a roofing contractor, replacing a roof or installing one is certainly one of the most significant home improvement tasks that you will do in your career. As a result, one must be cautious of the materials stated in the roofing plan.

In order to successfully finish a project, an accurately prepared estimate can help you out. If you need a roofing cost estimator, We are here to make sure you get the quality estimate you deserve. We will provide you with the finest areas of expertise, a lot of experience, and work that is done with a lot of care. Upon receiving the roofing plans, our roofing estimator will look into them, talk to you about them in detail, and in no time prepare for you the perfect estimate that you requested.

Construction Estimating Services Overview

We are experienced at providing construction contractors and owner-builders with all kinds of construction estimates and material takeoffs. Our experienced estimators have experience providing estimates for civil construction projects according to CSI division MasterFormat.

It doesn’t matter where you are located. Real Estimate Service uses the latest software for pricing and estimation. We are already working with hundreds of clients from different states other than New York including Mexico, Pennsylvania, California, Florida, and many more.

How do we prepare roofing estimates?

Traditional methods of estimation, such as having employees climb ladders and use measuring tapes, have long since been replaced. This era is for techniques and tools like plan swift, Bluebeam, and RSMeans Online that let you accurately measure a roof, saving time and money, even before materials are ordered.

Why hire an outsource roofing estimator?

  • Our Roofing Estimators save money on full-time Cost Estimators.
  • Start bidding for relevant projects to increase bid quality.
  • There is zero room for error.
  • Prevent you from buying expensive estimation software and train estimators.
  • Estimating efficiency increases potential profits.
Roofing Estimating Services
Roofing Estimating Services

Why choose Real Estimate Service for your Roofing Estimating Services?

  • The most recent methodologies for estimating, client interactions, and communication.
  • Accurate cost estimate for installing a new roof or replacing an old one based on drawing take-offs, field measurements, and provided specifications.
  • Prepare proposals that are accurate, timely, and well-written in compliance with CSI Division guidelines.
  • Excel spreadsheet to allow for any modifications to the estimate
  • Details on labor cost, and maintaining that data for use in future projects.
  • Schedule deliveries of project materials and equipment
  • Promptly attend to the contractor’s needs 24/7.
  • Endless revisions
The role of Real Estimate Service is to prepare all kinds of residential, commercial, and industrial estimates from new construction projects to existing ones.
Our primary clients are various types of construction contractors (general contractors and subcontractors), homeowners, project managers, and architects.
The cost depends on the size of the project scope ranging from $100 to $450. A single trade residential project would cost around $150 and $450 for a full GC commercial project.
The average turnaround time is between 24 to 48 hours. Considering the complexities of submitting the bid before the deadline, we also offer urgent services that would cost an extra fee to cover overtime costs. The urgent estimate will be delivered in less than 12 hours.
Say goodbye to traditional paper estimating because we are using the top-rated estimation software Plan Swift and Bluebeam to prepare a perfect estimate for our clients.
Real estimate service has a wide range of networks with material suppliers across the United States to stay up to date with the material pricing. Moreover, we also use the following zip code-based software RS means Online and Home Depot to achieve maximum accuracy.
Paying for the estimate has never been easy because we have integrated the PayPal payment method. An invoice will be delivered to you through email, and you can pay us using your debit/credit card or PayPal account
Our company focuses on providing outsourcing services to our clients across the United States. Using the latest software for pricing and estimation. We are already working with hundreds of clients from different states other than New York including Mexico, Pennsylvania, California, Florida, and many more.