Bill Of Quantities (BOQ) and Cost Estimation Services

A bill of quantities is a document used in tendering in the construction industry in which materials, parts, and labor are itemized. It also details the terms and conditions of the construction or repair contract and itemizes all work to enable a contractor to price the work for which he or she is bidding.

Why do we need BOQ?

A bill of quantities is issued to tenderers for them to prepare a price for carrying out the works. … A BoQ can provide a clear and extensive statement of the work that is to be completed, as well as a reliable base for budget control and accurate cost reporting.

How is BOQ calculated?

The unit price of each item is calculated by each of the bidding contractors. The unit price must consider all costs involved: materials, labor, equipment, overhead, and the contractor’s profit. The total price of each list item is calculated by multiplying the amount of work and the unit price.

What is quantity BOQ?

The bill of quantities (sometimes referred to as ‘BoQ’ or ‘BQ’) is a document prepared by the cost consultant (often a quantity surveyor) that provides project-specific measured quantities of the items of work identified by the drawings and specifications in the tender documentation.

What is the difference between BOM and BOQ?

While BOM is related to the list of inventory, including raw materials, parts, components, etc., BOQ lists the total number of materials required to complete a project. BOQs help project developers in getting detailed quotes for project requirements and BOM give clarity on what is needed for completion.

What are the uses of the bill of quantities?

The prime purpose of the Bill of Quantities (BQ) is to enable all contractors tendering for a contract to price on exactly the same information. Subsequent to this, it is widely used for post-tender work such as material scheduling; construction planning; cost analysis, and cost planning.

What is included in a bill of quantities?

A bill of quantities is a document used in tendering in the construction industry in which materials, parts, and labor (and their costs) are itemized. … Preparing a bill of quantities requires that the design is complete and a specification has been prepared.

Why do we prepare BOQ?

The main purpose of a BOQ is to: Standardise the process for tendering contractors to prepare a firm cost to carry out the works. … Allow the employer’s consultants to carry out a tender analysis whereby they can compare both the overall cost received and individually priced items with other tender offers