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Do you have to give up on some construction jobs because you do not know how to prepare a construction estimate? Outsource estimating is strongly recommended. The main reason is that construction estimators have the ability and resources to provide the best estimates possible that not only save you time but save you money as well.

Many contractors deal with the same enemy, lack of time. And surprisingly, there’s a perfect solution to this that goes right under the nose of most construction professionals.

Why Would You Need an Estimating Service?

Do you know how to estimate construction projects?

If you don’t, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many contractors don’t know how to create a professional estimate and bid for their company.

Most of the contractors do know-how, but they just don’t have the time to. And some contractors may have a business that is large enough to hire an in-house estimator. Still, they frequently report that their workload exceeds their capabilities.

The task of estimating projects is one that a number of contractors are bound to “deal with.” If this obstacle was removed, the contractors would be able to focus more on growing their businesses.

We receive requests for dependable material takeoffs from contractors participating in public as well as private construction projects. Construction estimators at Real Estimate Service have managed to provide reliable and accurate bidding documents over the years. Our portfolio includes:

  • Residential: Single-family to multiple-family residential houses, townhouses, and apartment buildings.
  • Commercial: Movie theaters, Offices, Warehouses, Auditoriums
  • Industrial: Wastewater treatment plants, Power generation, Biofuels, Manufacturing units, Petrochemicals, and refineries
  • Retail: Shopping malls, Grocery stores, restaurants, Showrooms
  • Civil: Highways, Dams, Bridges
  • Institutional: Schools, Universities, Medical centers, Community centers, Prisons
  • Mining & Marine projects
  • Renovations and remodeling

Why is outsource estimating important in construction?

Why outsource construction estimating?The knowledge that contractors need to produce their estimates might at times be complex. Hence, they frequently struggle when attempting to analyze the information. Therefore, rather than carrying out the work on your own.  Outsource Estimating businesses are able to produce accurate cost estimates.  Since they take the time to thoroughly examine every element of a project before producing an estimate. This allows them to accurately predict the costs associated with the project.

Benefits of outsource estimating:

  •  Highly skilled and experienced team of engineers
  •  Cost-effective solutions
  •  Customized services
  •  Takeoff is prepared carefully
  •  Accuracy in work that delivers a high success rate
  •  The quick turnaround time that ensures timely delivery
  •  100% customer satisfaction
  •  Only make use of us when you have a need for us, and only reward us when you make use of us.
  • Be sure to keep an eye on both the highs and lows of your estimating workload.
  • Bid more – Win more

Are you missing out on bids because you don’t have enough time?

When it comes to estimating building costs, using Outsource estimating to Real Estimate Services rather than doing it yourself has a number of advantages. Clients from a wide number of industries, such as retail, real estate, commercial, residential construction, institutional, petrochemical, and more, can take advantage of the wide variety of outsourcing construction estimating and quantity take-off services that our team provides. During times of high demand, we have established a straightforward procedure through which our customers can profit. They only need to provide us with the designs in either CAD or PDF format, together with the specifications and the bills of quantities. In accordance with the requirements, we are able to revert to the complete document of quantitative measurements.

 Construction estimate services

A professional estimating company that outsources its work can help with providing cost predictions, estimates for the purchase of materials, and even estimates for contractor loans. Most contractors may receive construction estimates online. If a contractor is interested in receiving the most accurate estimate possible, they should get in touch with an Estimating Company. Construction cost estimates will be generated in accordance with the requirements that are currently being met by the industry. An Estimating Company will offer a variety of services, all of which are geared toward assisting contractors in making well-informed decisions regarding their respective projects.

Cost Estimation Services

Quantity Take-off Services

The majority of contractors always have a difficult time throughout the process of bidding since they have a limited amount of time to spend on preparing the document and they are anxious for additional time to submit it before the tender is closed.

The bill of quantities is provided to the bidders so that they can calculate an appropriate price for the completion of the works. The bill of quantities is a document that assists bidders in the process of calculating the construction costs associated with their bid. In addition, because it ensures that all competitive bidding contractors will be pricing the very same quantities (instead of trying to take quantities from the specifications and drawings themselves), it also provides a system that is both fair and accurate for the bidding process.