Commercial Construction Estimating Services in Los Angeles, California

If you are in search of the right California construction estimating services, Real Estimating is the firm you can count on. Here, we have a team of expert construction estimators with years of experience to provide you satisfactory results in terms of detailed and authentic construction estimates and quantity takeoffs.

We also provide consultation to our clients i.e. General Contractors, Subcontractors, Architects, Developers, Owners, Lenders, and Appraisers to develop a sense of understanding for cost and prospective problems related to their projects.

Our team is dedicated to providing maximum value to design professionals, builders, and government agencies while fulfilling their takeoff estimating services needs. Our richly experienced team, excellent customer service record and concise reporting translate customer estimation dreams to reality make us different from other estimating companies in NYC. Our Cost Estimating services provide the solid foundation our clients need to plan for success.

Why Construction Estimating Services are Replacing Cost Estimating

Traditional construction cost estimating is an inexact science–one that’s being replaced by greater levels of accuracy by construction estimating services. This is because construction cost estimating accuracy often varies at a range of points through the project, from wild ballpark figures at the beginning to precise measurements when the project is nearly complete. That level of inaccuracy is one of the reasons why contractors often survive from project to project without a great deal of buffer to cushion the blow of a bad project. Though change orders and additions are fairly common in construction projects, this level of inaccuracy can lead to serious problems for contractors who do not have enough resources to see them through the hard times.

Because of these inaccuracies in determining cost at the outset of the project, construction can be fraught with change orders and additions to the project that often vastly overstep the original budget estimate. Professional studies have shown that the final estimated building cost may be up to 80% higher or lower than the original estimate, creating a wide margin for error that many financial institutions are hesitant to gamble on in the long run. Operating an estimating department in these conditions can often add even more overhead expenses to the inaccurate cost estimate in the first place, dragging your business down when a project ends up being unprofitable due to poor estimates, material overruns and similar situations.

Reduces Hassle and Alleviates Headaches

With outsourcing, you won’t have to run behind price changes in the materials. Aluminum is down, or copper is bouncing like a ping-pong will not be a headache anymore. You don’t need to be there, chasing the prices or looking for the latest price sheets. Neither you will have to enter inaccurate details due to a lack of knowledge regarding the change of prices. You will get the leverage to avoid hassles that come in the process of estimating.

It Will Save You Money

We understand that you don’t require a full-time construction estimator as you have to pay them even if they are sitting idle. When you outsource the construction estimating task, you don’t have to invest in an in-house estimator for full-time. You will just pay when you need an estimate for a new job or tender, which will, in turn, help you save money for other prospects.


Our engineers and estimators are exceptionally talented and possess great skills in technical construction and engineering consulting. We provide services which are not only team oriented but also in the best interest of our client. Our staff helps us in supporting our clients in matters that include all divisions of engineering, estimation and construction. We are staunch believer in “one team” attitude and we are led by a team of executives across All Pro’s offices. Let us break down the skill set of our team for you.

  • We communicate in the most direct, clear manner possible.
  • We know how to carry out productive meetings.
  • We recognize the core value proposition of the product or feature our clients are working on.
  • We provide accurate cost estimate for developers looking for a quick budget.
  • We specialize in various trades for sub-contractors and provide a vast amount of information in bid preparation.
  • We give quick turnaround for construction managers who are in need of material takeoffs.
  • We provide thorough cost estimates for general contractors who need in depth leveling sheets and quantity breakdowns.