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Cost Engineer VS Quantity Surveyor

What does a cost engineer do?

Cost engineering consulting involves estimating, cost control, cost forecasting, investment appraisal, and risk analysis. This is value cost engineers bring to each construction project. Cost engineers do the budgeting, planning, and monitoring to ensure that your construction project is viable and successful.

What is the difference between quantity surveyor and estimator?

The role they play.

Quantity surveyors typically provide support before, during and after the life of a construction project. Alternatively, estimators are mostly involved before a project begins (i.e. in the tendering phase).

What is quantity surveying and costing?

Cost Engineering and Quantity Surveying have similar and highly overlapping functions. Quantity Surveying relates more to building design and construction, while Cost Engineering relates more to engineering projects and processes. However, Cost Engineers and Quantity Surveyors commonly work in both areas.

Quantity Surveying is broadly concerned with the estimation, planning and control of the cost on construction projects. It cover a wide range of activities including cost estimation, cost planning, value engineering, feasibility studies, cost benefit analysis, lifecycle costing and valuation.

What are the benefits of hiring a quantity surveyor?

So, now that we know what they do, why would you hire quantity surveyors? Well, first off, construction is always a costly endeavor; one of the most expensive there is.

Surveyors allow you to avoid risks and pitfalls linked to unreliable back-of-the-envelope calculations and ballpark figures. Accurate cash projections allow you to plan the budget ahead of time and prevent any unpleasant surprises. 

What is more, these professionals are versed in uncovering opportunities to save money – opportunities that fly under the radar of most people. It also helps to receive an estimate on how long the project will take. After all, surveyors closely monitor processes and supply you with reports on the progress made. This significantly reduces the risk of delays and other setbacks.

Lastly, any homeowner or business can decide to outsource some of the tasks that would consume too much time or require special expertise. This is a way to get things off your plate and focus on other business or project aspects that are vital. All in all, reputable surveyors add value to the building process and optimize expenses more often than not.

What is the role of QS engineer?

As a quantity surveyor, you’ll manage all costs relating to building and civil engineering projects, from the initial calculations to the final figures. Working either for the client or the contractor, in an office, or on-site, you’ll be involved in a project.

What we can do for you:

  • Identifying recourse quantitatively
  • Estimating preliminary cost and contingency
  • Budgeting project timely
  • Performing Cash-flow analysis
  • Developing and maintaining Earn value analysis
  • Refining and updating cost estimate
  • Forecasting budget variances