cost to drywall basement

Cost to Drywall a Basement

How much should it cost to drywall a basement?

Framing: You should expect to spend about $1 per square foot to frame your basement.

Drywall: It costs around $1.50 per square foot to hang drywall in your basement. Ceiling: Basic ceiling installation can cost as little as $1-2 per square foot. But, if the project is complex, it can cost around $6 per square foot.

How much does it cost to drywall a 800 sq ft basement?

The cost to drywall a basement is $1.40 to $2.35 per square foot when studs or furring strips are in place. That’s a narrower range than the cost to drywall a house, since there are fewer cost factors. The cost to frame and drywall a basement is $3.90 to $7.70 per square foot.

Average cost to drywall finishes a basement

Below are a mix of per square foot and per 1000 sq. ft prices, which is the average basement size.

Cost to drywall a basement1 sq ft$1$3
Replace drywall in basement1 sq ft$2$5
Drywall 1,000 sq ft basement1,000 sq ft$3,500$6,000
Drywall 1,250 sq ft basement1,250 sq ft$4,375$7,500
Drywall 1,500 sq ft basement1,500 sq ft$5,250$10,000
Cost to drywall basement ceiling1,000 sq ft$2,900$3,650
Drywall basement labor cost1 hour$50$90
Waterproofing1 sq ft$3$10
Framing1,000 sq ft$2,400$5,000
Electrical cables1,000 sq ft$1$1.65
Insulation1,000 sq ft$2,500$4,500
Hang Drywall1 sq ft$0.20$0.70
Finish drywall1 sq ft$0.40$0.60
Painting1 sq ft$3$7
Electrical fixtures (lights & outlets)1,000 sq ft$1,000$2,000
Cost to Drywall a basement (only)1,000 sq ft$6,400$11,650
Cost to Finish a basement (All)1,000 sq ft$14,500$34,100

Average Estimate: $ 24,300 for the basement finish and around $9025 to install drywall on the basement only.

Remodeling a basement vs finishing a basement

Although homeowners often use the terms interchangeably, there’s a big difference between finishing a basement and remodeling one. Understanding how the construction pros define the two can save a lot of confusion and money.

A basement finishing project involves upgrading a basement area that is not currently inhabitable, because it lacks such things as drywall, insulation, plumbing, and finished flooring. It’s a raw area, in other words.

A basement remodeling project, on the other hand, typically involves making renovations to an already finished area, meaning one that is livable in its current condition. Of course, this can still be pretty extensive: Generally this type of project involves making structural changes to the space, even reorganizing its layout and adding or removing walls. It could even involve gutting the space entirely.

There’s typically a difference in price between remodeling a basement and finishing a basement. Remodeling a finished basement averages $20,200, with most projects ranging from $4,200 to $45,000. In contrast, finishing a basement is cheaper — $2,800-$34,500, with the average job around $18,400 — though it can be more expensive if you’re building the basement from scratch. Figuring about $30 to $100 per square foot, that might run up to $37,50, if you include foundation work.

Labor Cost to Finish a Basement

The average labor cost to finish a basement is $16 per square foot, or around 30% to 40% of your remodeling project. The labor cost to finish a 500-sq.-ft basement is $8,000 on average. This covers all professional labor—carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and general laborers. The more expert help you need, such as a master carpenter or master electrician, the higher the cost.

The Average Cost of Basement Improvement Projects

Each basement finishing and remodeling project is unique, which is why costs vary so greatly. Here’s a look at the average costs of some of the most popular basement improvement projects:

  • Permits: The cost will vary, but in general, permits cost between $100-1500.
  • Framing: You should expect to spend about $1 per square foot to frame your basement.
  • Drywall: It costs around $1.50 per square foot to hang drywall in your basement.
  • Ceiling: Basic ceiling installation can cost as little as $1-2 per square foot. But, if the project is complex, it can cost around $6 per square foot.
  • Flooring: The cost of flooring will vary depending on the material. Inexpensive flooring options, such as vinyl, can cost less than $1,000 to install. Carpet and tile flooring can cost between $1,500-2,000, whereas hardwood flooring can cost more than $5,000. 
  • Sealing to prevent water leaks: It can cost around $4,000 to seal a basement to prevent water leaks and protect your home.

Figure out which of these projects you will need to complete to finish or remodel your basement. Then, use this information to get a better idea of how much you will have to spend to finish or remodel your basement.

Value of a Basement Renovation

Of all the home renovations, finishing a basement is the most effective way to add value to your home. 

Converting an unfinished basement into a livable space actually adds usable square footage to your home. This adds significant value to the home especially when it comes to resale.

Typically, home buyers prefer to invest in a house with an already finished basement. 

Basement renovations also add value to your home and to your family while you reside there. By finishing the basement and creating more living space through renovation you have the option to spend more time at home without having to spend money elsewhere for entertainment. 

When taking it all into consideration, the value derived from basement renovations actually exceeds the cost! In fact, on average, basement remodel projects have about a 70% return on investment.