cost to drywall basement

Cost to Drywall a Basement

How much should it cost to drywall a basement?

Drywall Framing details: The cost to frame your basement should be roughly $1 per square foot.

Drywall: The average price for drywall installation in a basement is $1.50 per square foot.

Ceiling: In most cases, the cost to install a ceiling is between $1 and $2 per square foot. However, this can rise to about $6 per square foot if the job is particularly involved.

How much does it cost to drywall a 800 sq ft basement?

Drywalling a basement with studs or furring strips in place can run between $1.40 and $2.35 per square foot. As there are fewer variables involved, that range is narrower than what it would be to drywall a house. Pricing per square foot to frame and drywall a basement ranges from $3.90 to $7.70.

Average cost to drywall finishes a basement

Below are a mix of per square foot and per 1000 sq. ft prices, which is the average basement size.

Cost to drywall a basement1 sq ft$1$3
Replace drywall in basement1 sq ft$2$5
Drywall 1,000 sq ft basement1,000 sq ft$3,500$6,000
Drywall 1,250 sq ft basement1,250 sq ft$4,375$7,500
Drywall 1,500 sq ft basement1,500 sq ft$5,250$10,000
Cost to drywall basement ceiling1,000 sq ft$2,900$3,650
Drywall basement labor cost1 hour$50$90
Waterproofing1 sq ft$3$10
Framing1,000 sq ft$2,400$5,000
Electrical cables1,000 sq ft$1$1.65
Insulation1,000 sq ft$2,500$4,500
Hang Drywall1 sq ft$0.20$0.70
Finish drywall1 sq ft$0.40$0.60
Painting1 sq ft$3$7
Electrical fixtures (lights & outlets)1,000 sq ft$1,000$2,000
Cost to Drywall a basement (only)1,000 sq ft$6,400$11,650
Cost to Finish a basement (All)1,000 sq ft$14,500$34,100

Average Estimate: $ 24,300 for the basement finish and around $9025 to install drywall on the basement only.

Remodeling a basement vs finishing a basement

Natural dampness is common in basements. Therefore, because of the presence of natural materials in drywall, it is not a good option to leave the drywall without finishing and remodeling. Many homeowners confuse basement remodeling with basement finishing, but the two are very different. Learn the difference between the two as defined by industry professionals to avoid wasting time and money.

Finishing Drywall for basement

If you have a basement that is currently uninhabitable because it lacks utilities like drywall, insulation, plumbing, and finished flooring, you may want to consider completing a basement finishing project. Simply said, it’s an undeveloped region.

Cost to finish drywall

In most cases, the costs associated with basement finishing are higher than those associated with basement remodeling. Average costs for finishing a basement run from $4,200 and $45,000.

Remodeling Drywall for basement

On the other hand, if you’re planning on living in your basement after the remodel is complete, chances are good that it already qualifies as “completed.” Naturally, this can still be quite exhaustive: Adding or removing walls, changing the layout, and other structural alterations are commonplace in projects of this nature. Complete demolition of the room is a real possibility.

Cost to remodel drywall

Comparatively, the cost to remodel a basement ranges from around $2,800 to $34,500, with an average cost of about $18,400. However, if you’re starting from scratch, the basement might cost even more. It might cost as much as $37,500 if you include the cost of the foundation (at a rate of $30 to $100 per square foot).

Labor Cost to Finish a Basement

To finish a basement, you should expect to spend between $30 and $40 per square foot on labor costs. A 500-square-foot basement will cost around $8,000 in labor costs to finish. Carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and other skilled workers are all included. In general, the cost will increase if you want the services of a master craftsman or electrician.

The Average Cost of Basement Improvement Projects

Basement remodeling and finishing projects are as diverse as their budgets. Here is a breakdown of the typical prices associated with a few of the most common basement makeovers:

  • Permits: Costs for permits range from around $100 to $1500 on average.
  • Framing: Approximately $1 per square foot is the average cost to frame a basement.
  • Drywall: Putting up drywall in your basement will set you back about $1.50 per square foot.
  • Ceiling: The average cost to have a ceiling installed is $1.20 per square foot. Costs of roughly $6 per square foot are possible, though, if the job is particularly involved.
  • Flooring: The cost of flooring varies with the type of flooring chosen. Vinyl flooring, one of the most cost-effective solutions, may be installed for less than $1,000. Hardwood floors can cost more than $5,000, while carpet and tile can cost between $1,500 and $2,000.
  • Sealing: An average cost to waterproof a basement is roughly $4,000.

Think about which, if any, of these basement renovation tasks you’ll need to take on. Then, take advantage of this data to better anticipate the cost of finishing or remodeling your basement.

Tools for installing drywall

A completed basement is a desirable feature for many homebuyers. The right tools will bring up the right results. Here is a list of common tools or supplies that are required to install drywall.

  • Drill/Driver
  • Drywall Taping tool
  • Swivel-head pole sander
  • Drywall knives
  • Clamp
  • Sawhorse
  • Corner clincher
  • Mortar box
  • Shop Vaccum