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While bidding for a drywall project, you cannot afford the risk of errors. Therefore an accurate estimate with detailed material takeoffs is required to get you ahead of your competition. Outsourcing your estimates can save you the frustration of paperwork and allows you to spend more time on developing strategies to expand your business.

With the team of highly skilled estimators and experience of working with many drywall companies and contractors across the world, we can ensure you timely projects without any errors. We have successfully undertaken projects with many residential and commercial drywall contractors across North America, Australia, and the Caribbean. We have a huge database for pricing based on zip code . We also have links with suppliers, wholesalers, contractors, and vendors.

Accurate and Comprehensive Estimates

Their accurate estimating services include MEP Estimating, Plumbing Estimating, Mechanical Estimating, Electrical Estimating, etc.

Efficient Consultancy

Deliver consultancy to fulfil competitive bids and manage bidding network profiles for clients.


Save 60% of the expense of the estimator by outsourcing their expert construction takeoff services.

92% Bid-Hit Ratio

Offer comprehensive estimates like Drywall Estimating, which contains specific line item description with markup plans and 92% Bid-Hit Ratio.

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Quick Turnaround Time

Quick and Rapid Turnaround time to deliver Quantity Takeoff Services includes Roofing Estimating with a turnaround time of 24 – 48 hours.


Qualitative Consultation to different clients like contractors and sub-contractors and develops a valuable understanding of construction cost and budget management.

Compliance with International Standards

Expert estimators at World Estimating follows international standards with accurate precisions in their construction cost estimating services.

Monthly Takeoff Packages

Now contractors and business owners can save 60% of their expense of hiring an in-house estimator by signing up for monthly takeoff packages. Expert estimator at World Estimating delivers accurate construction cost estimating services. It assists contractors to bid quickly on different construction projects and increase your number of chances. Their monthly Takeoff begins from $1500 per month.

Single Trade Pricing

Their Specific trade takes off $200; they charge less (within $100) for small projects that demand few numbers of hours to get estimates.

Tips for Drywall Estimator

Most rooms are standard squares or rectangles. If so, please use the steps above to determine how much drywall you need. On the other hand, if you have an irregularly-shaped room, sloping walls or would like to estimate how much sheetrock you need without our calculator, consult our drywall calculation tips below:

  1. If your room is not a square or rectangle, break it up into smaller sections. Measure walls and ceilings in each section and then add together.
  2. Sloping walls all together form a triangular area. Therefore, you can calculate the triangular space by using the area equation: length of the wall at the base of the triangle multiplied by its height and divided by 2. See image above for more details.
  3. If measuring by hand, always add at least 10% to the drywall sheets required. There will be waste.
  4. If measuring by hand, you must know the size of your desired sheetrock. Once you do, determine the square footage of one sheet. For example, if you’re using 4′ x 10′ sheets, the total square footage of one sheet is 40sf. Once you determine surface area of the entire room, or how much drywall is needed, divide that number by 40. This is the number of drywall sheets required.
  5. Despite the drywall sizes listed above, drywall sheet lengths can go up to 16’. The most common drywall size is 4’ x 8’. Anything bigger is very difficult to carry and install on your own.

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What is a construction material takeoff?

An accurate construction takeoff is an integral part of developing a construction estimate.

A construction material takeoff is a document that lists all of the materials on a project and their associated costs. Compiling a construction takeoff is one of the most important steps in a project. An estimator will prepare an estimate based on the material takeoff, so it’s incredibly crucial that it be as accurate as possible.

When an estimator receives a set of plans or drawings, they need to determine which materials are necessary to actually build the project and in what quantity. They do this by “taking off” the materials from the blueprint. By carefully measuring walls, floors, pipes, electrical conduits, and other items based on these plans, they can determine with great accuracy how much of each item they’ll need.

The process doesn’t stop there. The construction takeoff also helps to establish the cost of each of the materials. By multiplying the number of materials by a unit price, the estimator can establish the overall cost for items like lumber, flooring, ceiling tiles, drywall, and other materials vital to the completion of the project.

When the estimator takes their time and accounts for all the materials needed, they can create an accurate estimate that helps protect the contractor’s bottom line. If they do a poor job, they’ll miss materials or make mathematical errors, resulting in too much material, too little, or none at all. An inaccurate takeoff can destroy a project’s timeline and profitability.