Drywall Takeoff Virginia

If you are looking for a drywall cost estimator, then Real Estimating  Services can provide you with a detailed and accurate drywall takeoff. There are a lot of different factors such as drywall mud, repairs, installation costs, sheetrock quantities, and much more that you need to consider when preparing any drywall takeoff estimates.


  • Drywall or Gypsum board Estimates
  • Drywall material & labor takeoffs with man-hours
  • Acoustical Ceiling Estimates
  • Wood Framing Estimates
  • Metal Framing Estimates
  • Budget Estimates
  • Bid Estimates
  • Complete Bidding Assistance
  • Change Order Management
  • Drywall Project Management
  • Subcontractor Marketing
  • Project Lead Generation

Calculate Square Footage: Calculate the overall square footage of the parts/areas wherein the drywall is going to be installed. Furthermore, multiply the width/breadth times the elevation of every area of coverage region or wall, and afterward, add the entire quantities collectively to obtain an overall square foot quantity.

Calculate Drywall Tape: Utilizing the overall quantity of drywall sheets required, multiply by the periphery/perimeter of every sheet to find out the joint tape’s linear feet with regard to the drywall. Furthermore, a four-by-eight sheet’s perimeter is sixteen feet; the four-by-twelve sheet’s perimeter is twenty feet.

As an estimator, you will be on the leading edge of generating revenue for a rapidly growing drywall subcontractor. Your attention to detail and meticulous nature is valued as a highly desirable asset for preparing professionally qualified bids and proposals for multi-million construction dollar projects. Your tactical and deliberate approach ensures a thorough and comprehensive analysis of each project we bid. Your technical and organizational skills bring confidence and conviction that our bids are solid and accurate.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Deliver quantity surveys (takeoffs) of drywall construction projects to Preconstruction Director by the deadlines provided.
  • Identify and outline any discrepancies, conflicts, or inconsistencies in the drawings and specifications.
  • Compose pre-bid RFIs to general contractors.
  • Build an estimate of materials and labor from takeoff.
  • Work closely with Preconstruction Director and Field Operations communicating project-specific obstacles, concerns, & details.
  • Compile and report detailed data and analysis metrics for each bid.
  • Organize and file all bid data and documents in the project folder at the close of each bid.
  • On subsequent bid updates, log and quantify changes in drawings.
  • Assist project management team with estimates for change order requests as needed.

We are The Right Choice

  1. We are well experienced in all types of commercial, residential and industrial building material takeoffs and cost estimation.
  2. We provide a complete package to our clients covering all the divisions.
  3. We are flexible working both offscreen and onscreen construction takeoffs using Bluebeam Revu.
  4. We offer free consultation as well as a free quote to our valuable customers.
  5. We meet short deadlines to allow customers to submit more bids on time.
  6. Our bid format is user-friendly and allows the customer to alter any line items easily.
  7. We offer discounts to our regular clients and do one revision for free(T&C applies).
  8. Working with us on a project basis helps the customer to save office and salary expenses of in-house estimators.
  9. Our prices are competitive and our regular discounts make us more cost-efficient.