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What is a Construction Estimate?

A construction estimate forecasts the costs required for a construction project. It is a list of materials and activities that are required for a construction project. It includes material quantities along with unit material rates and labor hours. It is just like a BOQ and contains a list of all the construction materials along with their costs. Construction estimates are useful for bidding and also help in controlling costs during the executing phase of the project.

Our team is dedicated to providing maximum value to design professionals, builders, and government agencies while fulfilling their takeoff estimating services needs. Our richly experienced team, excellent customer service record and concise reporting translate customer estimation dreams to reality make us different from other estimating companies in NYC. Our Cost Estimating services provide the solid  foundation our clients need to plan for success.

  • Estimates rely on international standards.
  • Free consultation to clients regarding bid filing.
  • Cost-effective estimates.
  • Accurate Estimates.
  • 24/7 customer support center.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • 86% bid winning ratio.
  • Saves estimating expense up to 60%.

Our portfolio consists of residential, commercial, Hospitals, Airports, Schools, Housing complex, Apartments & Industrial estimates projects.
In terms of dollar value, our portfolio of estimates range in value from entry level homes to multi-million dollar commercial projects.

We have a team of experts specialized in consulting, material takeoff and construction estimates. Our professional team can help you on all areas of your project from bidding and budget planning to your design estimates and more.  We have a prominent portfolio and we have worked with many clients including general contractors, Architects, property owners, Lenders, Fabricators, Subcontractors, Engineers, Firms, Vendors and others.  We  are confident that we could provide your project with proper information. direction and recommendations.

Consultation & Bid Filing

We also provide consultation to our clients. You can get consultation service to develop the plan for construction cost, and various takeoffs. In consultation, you will also get help in budget management also. We also help people in bid fining. Our experts can help you a lot in your projects.

How To Estimate Construction Costs For Commercial Projects

For a ballpark estimate of how much your commercial project might cost, you can follow these steps:

  • Establish the building quality class
  • Calculate the area of the first floor
  • Multiply that by square foot costs estimates as explained above
  • Add the costs of mechanical and electrical fixtures
  • Add the costs for the second and higher floors
  • Add the costs for service garages, equipment bays, training facilities and staffed fire stations to get the total construction cost

For would-be commercial building owners, the cost of construction is one of the biggest questions on their mind. There is no straightforward answer or criteria for arriving at Real Estimate building cost projections – but understanding the variables that affect commercial construction costs can help you make accurate estimates and design pathways to minimize expenses.


  • Help manage key institutional state projects throughout the Florida region
  • Computer assisted takeoff and pricing systems/software
  • Performing value engineering analysis to evaluate cost-effective alternatives to base construction designs
  • Developing requests for and evaluating consulting proposals
  • Soliciting, negotiating, and selecting general and sub-contractor bids
  • Construction Contract Management, including all of the following:
  • Pre-contract negotiation
  • Post-contract performance assessment, progress review, and dispute settlement
  • Provide MEP estimates


Estimating construction costs is an increasingly vital part of project management, but construction companies must invest in the technology needed to make it effective. An estimate’s accuracy can make or break a project, which can also put a company’s survival at risk since many construction businesses live from project to project. Cost estimates are part of the bidding process, which is essential in construction. Estimators routinely develop many other types of estimates during the course of a project, which are typically classified according to their required accuracy.