Mechanical Estimating Services

MEP Estimating Services - Construction MEP Takeoff Services

Mechanical estimators analyze a project before it starts, accurately estimating costs related to labor, materials, equipment, and other relevant areas. These professionals are hired in many service companies, ranging from HVAC/plumbing operations to construction to other applications.


Whether you are involved in the design, fabrication, or installation of heating or cooling systems, refrigeration systems, piping, plumbing systems, our estimates are developed as per your specific needs. We quantify all the mechanical components and employ up to date, zip code based pricing for material, equipment, and labor to ensure the accuracy of the estimate. Our team remains engaged with you in every step of the way throughout the design phase, independent estimates for bid evaluations, change orders, and value engineering, etc.

Table of Contents


Wendes Guide to Successful Estimating: Principles

Systematic & Efficient Estimating Procedures

Sample HVAC Estimate & Forms


Budget Estimating Fundamentals


Heating & Cooling Equipment

HVAC Units & Air Distribution Equipment

Plumbing Fixtures & Specialties

Air Pollution & Heat Recovery Equipment


Sheet Metal Estimating Basics

Rectangular Galvanized Ductwork

Spiral & Light Gauge Round Ductwork

Fiber Glass Ductwork

Heavy Gauge Ductwork

Sheet Metal Specialties & Acoustical Lining

Miscellaneous Labor Operations


Piping Estimating Basics

Pressure Pipe & Fittings

Valves & Specialties

DWV Pipe & Fittings


Markups for Overhead & Profit

Contracting for Profit

Computerized Estimating

Why Accuracy Is Important in Construction Cost Estimation

Our MEP Estimating Services include:

MEP Material Estimating Services:

Our MEP material Estimating Services include Estimating Services for Low-Voltage Equipment, Sheet Metal Estimating Services, Heat Pumps Estimating Services, Dehumidifier Estimating Services, Signage Estimating Services, Estimating Services for units for Air-handling, Moisture Protection Estimating Services, Lighting Estimating Services, Chillers Estimating Services, Spray insulation Estimating Services, Boilers Estimating Services, Estimating Services for Fire Suppression, Fire Proofing and Fire Protection, Sprinklers Estimating Services, Furnaces Estimating Services, Pipe Insulation Estimating Services, Duct Estimating Services, Fire stopping Estimating Services, Electrical Estimating Services and Air Filters Estimating Services.

MEP Material Takeoffs:

Our MEP material Takeoff Services include Takeoffs for Low-Voltage Equipment, Sheet Metal Takeoffs, Heat Pumps Takeoffs, Dehumidifier Takeoffs, Signage Takeoffs, Takeoffs for units for Air-handling, Moisture Protection Takeoffs, Lighting Takeoffs, Chillers Takeoffs, Spray insulation Takeoffs, Boilers Takeoffs, Takeoffs for Fire Suppression, Fire Proofing and Fire Protection, Sprinklers Takeoffs, Furnaces Takeoffs, Pipe Insulation Takeoffs, Duct Takeoffs, Fire stopping Takeoffs, Electrical Takeoffs and Air Filters Takeoffs.

Accurate MEP Estimating Services You Can Trust

We take an approach that will simplify large & complex projects into many smaller manageable categories. Accuracy and simplicity combine to help deliver an easy, hassle-free experience that exceeds your expectations. When it comes to estimating quantities and calculating costs, REAL Estimating takes an on-demand business model. No contracts or obligations means more freedom and flexibility for you. Here are a few reasons why you want to work with us.

Increased Automation

Not relying on your employees or crew to manually estimate your materials helps automate your process. Having a streamlined process delivers enhanced results and greater flexibility in your ability to bid. With REAL’s dependable MEP estimating, you can focus on other more important aspects of the business.

Flexible Crew

Our team of professional estimators understands that the needs of every business are unique. We’ll get started on helping to meet your needs by staying flexible at all times. Need a rushed MEP estimating service? Having trouble minimizing waste? Let us know what your goals are and we’ll work towards reaching them.

Cloud-Based Documents

Have the power to access your takeoff from anywhere. Easily view and analyze your materials from any wifi connected area. The power of the cloud gives you the ultimate convenience when working from the office or on the go. Either way, you’ll be prepared.


Accurate construction costs might be the alone extensive component of any construction project. Thus, your construction professional must understand and consider all these things. The client always demands exceptional, clear, and comprehensive estimate to run their business. It is essential to use a qualified cost estimator along with reasonable construction cost estimating services.