Structural Steel Estimating Services

Metals Estimating Services – Structural Steel Cost Estimation

Real Estimate Service lead a professional team of structural steel estimators who are determined to put their years of knowledge to work on metals estimating services. Control costs by reducing waste and improving productivity. Material takeoffs are no longer a problem.

Why estimating metal is important?

The metal estimating service guarantees that your project will finish on time and under budget, with minimal on-site storage requirements. Materials, extras, and labor costs are all included in the detailed estimates, that we provide to our clients.

Remember that supplier and manufacturer prices are indicated as of delivery, thus future materials depend on the pricing fluctuation. One possible solution to the problem of escalating material costs is to include an escalation policy in the contract. Ten to twelve percent of the total construction cost is typically allocated to the steel frame.

It’s possible to set some processes to run automatically. The key to finishing on time and within budget is to maintain efficiency and productivity. We’ll gladly perform your material takeoff and take care of the time-consuming operation for you. Use our services to improve productivity, save money, time, and resources, and win more bids.

Metals Estimating Services
Metals Estimating Services

Metal Estimating Challenges

Prices for structural steel and other metals shift dramatically on a daily basis. Given that Major Construction Projects can take many months or even years to complete, there is a high chance that the budget and the entire project could go terribly wrong, particularly if potential changes throughout the course of the proposed project’s timeline are not taken into account.

Due to a lack of technical expertise, many steel fabricators, manufacturers, and steel framing contractors struggle to read technical data from the designs and make accurate takeoffs with structural properties. The good thing is Real Estimate Service is well-equipped to handle complex structures and offers a full range of steel estimation and detailing services.

What do we offer to Metal Contractors as an estimating company?

  • Dependable Estimate: Our detailers and cost estimators have extensive knowledge of manufacturing methods, standards, and tools including laser welding and advanced cutting.
  • Fast Turnaround Time: Quick turnaround of 24 to 48 hours.
  • Reduced Project’s Cost: Cost breakdown for rebar construction, including components including materials, workers, welders, cranes, gasoline, equipment, and man-hours.
  • Editable Estimate: Color-coded digital marked-up blueprints ease the inspection and revision of the estimate.

Metals Estimating Services We can Provide according to CSI Divisions:

  • Beams and girders 
  • Columns, tubing, and pipes 
  • Angles and channels 
  • Plates and connectors 
  • Joist bridging and girts 
  • Hanger rods 
  • Wall bracing and end anchorage 
  • Structural Steel Framing
  • Non-Load-Bearing Wall Framing
  • Architectural Metal Framing Systems
  • Tension Framing Assemblies
  • Metal Joists
  • Composite Joists and Floors
  • Metal Decking
  • Electrified Deck Systems
  • Cold-Formed Metal Framing
  • Structural Metal Stud Framing
  • Cold-Formed Steel Trusses
  • Dome Structures
  • Fabricated Wall Panel Assemblies
  • Functional Metal Fabrications
  • Metal Stairs
  • Functional Metal Stairs
  • Metal Gratings
  • Metal Stair Treads and Nosing
  • Photoluminescent Treads and Nosing
  • Surface Drains (Trench Drains)
  • Architectural and Ornamental Metal Fabrications
  • General Architectural and Ornamental MetalsDecorative Metal FinishesCable Hanging Systems
  • Skateboard Deterrents
  • Architectural Metal Stairs
  • Stair Treads & Nosings
  • Handrails and Railings
  • Glazed Railings
  • Wire Rope & Cable Railings
  • Metal Railings
  • Access Ramps
  • Fire Escapes
  • Ladders
  • Retractable & Folding Ceiling and Attic Stairs
  • Metal Railings
  • Barrier Cable Systems

What’s included in the Metals Estimating Services?

  • A comprehensive breakdown of metal and steel prices along with the material quantity
  • Installation plans in order to determine crew number and length.
  • Defined Scope of work for areas of ambiguity in order to qualify bids.
  • Required hours to construct structural steel and other metals.

Metal Fabrication Estimate

The vast majority of construction projects require careful planning. Planning involves cost estimation. You must also clearly define the project’s needs, especially if it involves custom-made structural steel or sheet metal. Despite the drop in metal fabrication prices, project cost estimates are still crucial.

Metal Fabrication estimate depends on the following:

  • Materials Used (welding wires, castings, fittings, hardware)
  • Labor Required (physical work, soft work)
  • Machines Needed (cranes)
  • Required Finishing (look, durability, electrical conductance)
  • Assembly Cost (tools and technology used, manufacturing cost)

Let’s say you’ve got to prepare a metal fabrication estimate for a building. Some of the common materials to estimate are metal shapes, plates, and grilles. Fabrications can be made of steel, cast iron, cast aluminum, aluminum alloy, or stainless steel. So you also got to be careful about the material type too while preparing an estimate.

Some of the common metal fabrication is as follows:

  • Metal Stairs
  • Metal Railings
  • Metal Gratings
  • Metal Floor Plates
  • Metal Stair Treads and Nosing
  • Metal Casting
  • Formed Metal Fabrications
  • Metal Specialties

Man Hours and Labor Costs

When evaluating the total cost of your project, labor expenses are an additional component to consider. Determine how many individuals will be required, then multiply that number by the estimated number of hours required to perform the task and the hourly rate for each worker.

Why trust us for a Metals Estimating Services?

The feedback we’ve gotten from our clients about the quality of our work speaks for itself. No matter how different our clients’ needs are, we can meet them. We use a perfect mix of our tested methodology, technical know-how, software expertise, and human resources to give our clients results that are better than they expected in terms of both quality and accuracy.

Some additional benefits of working with us

  • Detailed analysis of the designs
  • 24 x 7 customer support
  • Shorter turnaround time
  • Accurate takeoff lists
  • Affordable prices
  • 100% Money back guarantee

The role of Real Estimate Service is to prepare all kinds of residential, commercial, and industrial estimates from new construction projects to existing ones.
Our primary clients are various types of construction contractors (general contractors and subcontractors), homeowners, project managers, and architects.
The cost depends on the size of the project scope ranging from $100 to $450. A single trade residential project would cost around $150 and $450 for a full GC commercial project.
The average turnaround time is between 24 to 48 hours. Considering the complexities of submitting the bid before the deadline, we also offer urgent services that would cost an extra fee to cover overtime costs. The urgent estimate will be delivered in less than 12 hours.
Say goodbye to traditional paper estimating because we are using the top-rated estimation software Plan Swift and Bluebeam to prepare a perfect estimate for our clients.
Real estimate service has a wide range of networks with material suppliers across the United States to stay up to date with the material pricing. Moreover, we also use the following zip code-based software RS means Online and Home Depot to achieve maximum accuracy.
Paying for the estimate has never been easy because we have integrated the PayPal payment method. An invoice will be delivered to you through email, and you can pay us using your debit/credit card or PayPal account
Our company focuses on providing outsourcing services to our clients across the United States. Using the latest software for pricing and estimation. We are already working with hundreds of clients from different states other than New York including Mexico, Pennsylvania, California, Florida, and many more.