Residential Takeoff services

“QTO” stands for quantity takeoff and it is basically a list of material quantities required to complete a construction project. The construction takeoff services are usually offered by professional estimators and can be outsourced from companies like QTO Estimating. Follow us!


As most construction projects go over time and over budget, having a residential material takeoff that quantifies all the materials needed to complete building, structure, or project is crucial. Having a detailed requirement of the raw materials including lumber, concrete, shingles, floor tiles, to prefabricated materials such as bricks, plumbing pipes, light fixtures, and lengths of electrical cable can save you thousands, sometimes millions of dollars. In addition to the measuring the material quantity, the type of material is also included in the house construction estimate.

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Our Services

We are a team of experienced estimators who specialize in MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) estimates and take-off. Mainly we cover all building trades including residential and commercial buildings projects with 99 % accuracy. Our estimates are with detailed line items & we follow all CSI divisions for client’s convenience. Normally our turnarounds are 24 to 48 hours. We provide costing & takeoff services to general contractors, sub-contractors, homeowners and builders. If you are bidding any project and need any sort of costing and takeoff services, then we can help you in your projects, work-load and difficulties.


Services For Residential Contractors

Being indulged in various matters, we can help you with our residential estimating services to win bids on your projects by preparing the bid documents needed for submission. Providing you with estimates will enable us to submit your quotes before the deadline, along with marked-up plans, bidding network profile management, new project lead generation, and subcontractor marketing.

Our estimators have tremendous experience creating residential estimates, whether it’s a simple three-family house or complex multi-story apartment.

Since we have experience with the residential build and are proficient in the software, we can quickly take off the quantities for you to set estimates while maintaining your commitment to your daily work.

Whether it is remodeling or renovation of an existing home, we help contractors. Contractors have had a tough time putting together estimates for their clients. A well-experienced residential estimator team is available to assist remodeling and renovation companies with material takeoffs and estimates.