As a small business in the construction industry, your company may require additional support in the areas of estimating, project management, and identifying bids in order to support the growth of your firm. In this regard, it may be a better option for your company to outsource the task of estimating and project management on an as-needed basis, as supposed to hiring a full-time employee. In this regard, our Contracting Consulting and Training offer affordable part-time/outsourced construction support services to assist small construction businesses in the Texas region with their estimating and project management needs.


  • Accurate Construction cost database for zipping code based pricing
  • Highly affordable estimates
  • Quick turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours
  • Always on-time deliveries
  • Assistance in bid filling
  • Competitive bids
  • More than 92% bid hit ratio
  • 24/7 customer support

Building Estimates Overview

Conceptual Estimates
With a conceptual drawing and a preliminary set of specifications, we can provide you with a conceptual estimate. We use actual cost data or historical building costs from real projects. We have access to a database of actual completed projects and make cost adjustments for your area of the country. We will provide you witha feasibile estimate for the project broken down by CSI format. We can also give you some quick preliminary square foot estimates which are reliable because they are based on actual construction projects.

Project Cost Management

We provide a construction estimate and budget based on the owner’s project design. We put in place milestone estimates to ensure costs are being controlled at certain stages or “milestones” of construction.

Our estimators have a broad range of experience estimating in the multiple construction activities for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings for sub-contractors, general contractors estate owners, developers, and financiers and they pride themselves on providing quality services.

When trying to make a fiscal decision as to if it makes economic sense to hire an estimator or another estimator, there are options to consider.

  • Will there be enough work after this busy time you’re going through for you to be able to afford to keep the estimator employed full time?
  • Are you a new company that needs assistance, but is not sure if you are ready to take on the financial burden of a full-time estimator?
  • Do you just need intermittent assistance for your current estimator(s) to deal with an influx of bid requests?
  • Does it make fiscal sense to take on the burden of a full-time estimator?

These are just a few of the questions you may be asking yourself when trying to make this decision. You also have to take into account that if you hire this estimator, you take on that financial responsibility to make sure you have work for them to be able to provide a living for themselves and their family.

Owning your own company can be very rewarding, but it also carries many responsibilities, such as, you not only have to make fiscally responsible decisions for yourself and your family, but you also take on the responsibility of providing for your employees and their families as well.

Benefits of Outsourced Estimating Service

Now here, I am going to share some of the benefits of a good estimator for your project. Before hiring an estimator for your project you must know about his qualities. If your estimator offers these benefits then you should hire him for your project.

  • You will get an accurate and detailed report of the project estimates for labor, materials, and other things.
  • Because now you have an estimator to make estimates, you will never lose any job.
  • You don’t need to buy expensive software and hire a team to make an estimating report.
  • You will get a highly accurate database for your project.
  • If you have an estimator, then you have time to focus on your other works. And you can make them better. Or you can manage many projects at a time.
  • You will review the report for only 10 to 20 minutes.

These are some of the benefits of an estimator. I hope now you also want to outsource estimating service. So we also provide good estimators for your projects.