Third Party Construction Estimator

What Do Construction Estimators Do?


As a Construction Estimator, your duties may include the following:

  • Prepare estimates of probable costs of materials, labor and equipment, and subcontracts for construction projects based on contract bids, quotations, schematic drawings, and specifications
  • Advice on tendering procedures, examine and analyze tenders, recommend tender awards, and conduct negotiations
  • Establish and maintain tendering processes
  • Set up cost monitoring and reporting systems and procedures
  • Prepare cost and expenditure statements and forecasts at regular intervals for the duration of a project
  • Prepare and maintain a directory of suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors
  • Liaise, consult and communicate with engineers, architects, owners, contractors, and subcontractors, and prepare economic feasibility studies on changes and adjustments to cost estimates
  • Manage and coordinate construction projects, and prepare construction progress schedules

The Purpose of the Estimate | EC&M

Develop Cost Estimates

Every element of the construction project will come with a cost. You and the cost estimator will create the material take-off list, which is a detailed report of the materials used and their associated costs. The material take-off list will encompass the entire scope of the project from figuring out the expenses of the cement used for the foundation to wall studs for framing and the interior finishes at the end of the project. Since material costs will vary based on vendor and fluctuating market values, the construction cost estimator will narrow down the anticipated material prices as much as possible. In addition, an estimator would also have to determine logistical expenses in shipping materials to worksite locations from distribution centers and warehouses.

Evaluate General and Special Contract Factors

Beyond developing cost estimates, there may be general and special contract considerations based on how the building is constructed to serve a specific purpose. For example, your company may be building a food processing plant that will need to be constructed to follow all FDA health and safety regulations. So project managers and contractors will provide construction requirements that will indirectly impact costs as a construction estimator must take these factors into consideration when creating estimates.

Why Is Construction Estimating Important? | ProEst

Residential Construction Cost Estimator

From a small home building estimate to high-rise building cost estimates, our estimators are capable of performing a precise bill of material for any scope of the residential construction project. We have a separate team of estimators that only addresses the residential contractors concerned with the new construction and remodeling of single-family, multi-family, modular homes, custom homes, condominiums, townhouses, etc.

Commercial Construction Cost Estimator

Our skilled estimators are well versed in the cost estimation of the commercial portfolio of projects. Be it office building construction cost per square foot or a detailed construction document estimate of a shopping mall, we are well versed with the right software and tools to achieve accuracy for all your commercial estimating needs. We have experience in delivering quantity takeoffs and estimates for offices, warehouses, theaters, sports auditoriums, retail, healthcare, parking lots, etc.

Civil Construction Cost Estimator

Our team of estimators also helps civil contractors involved in the construction of highways, dams, and bridges with detailed bid estimates and material takeoffs to aid them in preparing bid proposals and procurement.