Xactimate Estimating Services

Xactimate is a system for estimating the cost of repairs and reconstruction for residential and small commercial structures.

We have a fee range from $110 to $165 an hour for everyone from old, established clients (lower fee) to brand new folks (coaching included in services). After the minimum service fee ($299), our estimated generation fee will not exceed 2% of the value of the estimate.

Do all insurance companies use xactimate?

All major insurance companies use Xactimate for their estimating and billing systems to ensure pricing uniformity between themselves and contractors. Xactimate works by using items such as labor, material, and measurements to come up with the prices.

What are labor minimums in xactimate?

Labor Minimums and How They Affect Your Bottom Line. Xactimate is designed to allow for a minimum labor amount when a line item for a specific trade is added to the estimate. It happens in the background of the program and may go unnoticed unless you know where to look!

How much does Xactimate cost?

1 Month$250
3 Months$660
6 Months$1,120
12 Months$1,680
Real Estimate Service

What is a snap line in xactimate?

S Snap Line Click the Snap Line button to create a snap line anywhere within your Sketch Workspace. Ctrl+Enter Properties Select a room or object within the Sketch Workspace. Click the Properties icon to open the Properties window for the room or object that you have selected.

What does R stand for in xactimate? Roof

HIPHip rafter
TRLiner feet of truss
TSFSF under truss system

Our Diverse Xactimate Estimating Services

Real Estimating Service is an efficient platform that strives daily with quick and accurate Xactimate estimate writing service. Following are the diverse range of our Xactimate estimating services

  • Xactimate roof estimates
  • Xactimate siding estimates
  • Xactimate metal roof estimates
  • Xactimate water mitigation
  • Xactimate exterior estimates
  • Xactimate interior estimates
  • Claims

We will write your Xactimate estimate for you.  It can be done to initiate a new claim or to respond to an adjuster’s estimate that you feel is too low or missing necessary items. Our clients call on us when they are either, not skilled in Xactimate preparation, too busy to handle their workflow, or stuck trying to do a complicated estimate. If you need a Xactimate estimate to settle a claim, we are here to help.