How Much Do Xactimate Estimates Cost?

Xactimate is a super-complex piece of software that holds so many uses in the claims industry, it’s not something you can legitimately assign a length of time to learn. It’s very much similar to learning an entirely new language—you can learn enough to (for the most part) get-by over a weekend.

We have a fee range from $110 to $165 an hour for everyone from old, established clients (lower fee) to brand new folks (coaching included in services). After the minimum service fee ($299), our estimate generation fee will not exceed 2% of the value of the estimate.

Can xactimate run on a Chromebook?

Xactimate can be used on any desktop, laptop, tablet PC, convertible, or netbook that supports these system requirements. Chrome, Firefox, or Edge (version 79 or higher).

When adjusters don’t understand the pricing – they won’t trust the estimate, they may not trust the contractor – and of course – they will push back on it.

  • When is a pack out truly justified? What factors should be considered?
  • “Time & Material” or “Line Item” Pricing – Is one better? Is one guaranteed to be less expensive for the insurance carrier?
  • When is on-site storage the worst option?
  • What value is there in identifying high value contents ASAP?
  • When is the best time to decide on the level of pack back?

Contractors– you may have seen your competitors win a bid based on a lower bottom line…only to see them submit supplements – which inflates the cost of the job in the long run.

Adjusters – you may have verbally agreed on a scope of work to be performed – was the delivered product as promised?

  • Learn to understand the requirements of insurance carriers, programs and adjusters. High detail vs. very simple estimates.
  • Overly complicated or too simplistic estimates – both can raise doubts.
  • Success starts with a clearly defined scope AND an agreed upon estimate.



  • A 2-3 hour interview with a recovery specialist, who identifies the construction and finish details of your old home
  • A licensed contractor who performs a complete on-site study and evaluation of your lot
  • A line-item Xactimate estimate identifying all costs for site work, engineering, plans and permits, and the complete reconstruction of your home
  • A line-item estimate of all known code upgrades affecting your rebuilding
  • A line-item estimate of costs to replace any walls, walks, fences, driveways, sheds and other structures
  • A line-item estimate of costs to replace trees, shrubs and irrigation
  • An estimate written in the same “language” and format as the adjuster’s, resulting in an easy comparison between estimates
  • An estimate review by a company principal with over 30 years experience as a licensed general contractor


  • Detailed estimate reviews audits of your contractor’s or adjuster’s estimate
  • Code Upgrade only estimates
  • Site Work only estimates

Xactimate uses a comprehensive survey process to research and analyze material, equipment, labor prices and install costs from around the country. Xactimate also uses aggregate averages to determine prices, which includes all the highs and all the lows in a given market. This is meant to capture regional differences in material and labor costs caused by market supply and demand. Xactware’s methodology to calculate pricing and costs uses a 5-phase, iterative process that includes data from 35,000 material suppliers and 4 million actual damage estimates each year. They also include 3rd party data sources to incorporate worker’s compensation, federal taxes, state taxes, and local taxes. 

Can Macbook run xactimate?

Xactimate and other Xactware products are not supported on Mac Operating Systems. … Xactware does support machines using a dual boot configuration as long as only one operating system is running at a given time, and as long as that operating system is supported.