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A preliminary estimate is the approximate cost of the project that is estimated at the conceptual stage of the project. However, we deal with cost estimation services in USA.


This question can trouble quite a load of people. To simply put what these services are it can be stated that estimating companies provide details related to the construction process as per design provided. However, we provide all construction takeoff services and cost estimations services to the USA contractors.

These services include every aspect of the construction process. Details are provided about every requirement for the process at hand. These details consist of:

  • Information about every needed item, tool and gears to complete design as the building blocks.
  • Information about right labor and details about them like their working hours etc.
  • Accurate number of materials and labor needed for the course of work.
  • Cost of everything is contained within these services.
  • These particulars are estimated for the entire construction process meaning every division in the design is included in these estimating services.
  • Also scheduling and contingencies are also covered in these services.

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Cost Estimating & Takeoff Services

A takeoff is simply determining the amount of all the materials needed for a job. That’s it! Takeoffs don’t have any material costs associated with them and don’t include extra costs that an estimate does. In contrast, an estimate takes the takeoff a few steps further. “Real Estimate Service” Provides Cost Estimating Takeoff Services in USA. […]