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Takeoff And Estimation Service NYC

Our competent team of estimators and project managers provides an estimate with a detailed report that gives our clients the right forecast of the final construction cost including all the direct and indirect costs. With years of experience in all CSI trades, we can handle the projects of any size, type, and complexity including single-family residential.


  • Fast turnaround time
  • Precise construction cost database
  • Cost-effective rates
  • Bid-hit ratio of more than 95 %
  • 24/7 customer support available

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A definite cost estimation services is vital for predicting the cost of any office or structure under construction. It is an important part of the general cost management for the builder, as well as necessary for construction takeoff services.

A well prepared cost estimate inhibits the contractor from losing money and benefits the customer avoid overpaying that act as project management technique that tracks a project’s performance against the total time and cost estimate. We take off all the items from the provided documents and price out that job and comes up with a competitive bid value that you can put that together for your project which will save you time and cost.

Construction Estimating Services in NYC | Cost Estimation Services

The Requirement for Construction Cost Estimation Services:

As new project delivery methods for constructions continue to evolve, many independent and highly respected firms have got into the foray of construction cost estimation services. These firms have the capability and the experience to provide the following services, amongst others

  • Building Cost Estimation
  • Residential Construction Cost Estimation
  • Electrical Construction Cost Estimation

Cost Estimating & Takeoff Services has been providing customers with precision digital onscreen takeoffs which gives the customer higher chances of winning the project. Our team of engineers moto is based on quality work with attention to one project at a time. We do all types of estimates. Civil contractors that need a materials list or takeoff can contract with us, as well as civil contractors that need us to prepare a complete bid estimate will benefit from our service. Material Suppliers – We do hundreds of lumber takeoffs per year. Lumber yards and framing contractors rely on us for accurate lumber lists and trim packages. We also provide takeoffs to flooring contractors. To see a detailed list of the suppliers that we do material takeoffs: Residential Contractors, Single-family, Multi-family, Track builders, Custom builders, On-your-lot, Remodeling Contractors, Commercial Contractors, Civil, Office, Warehouse, High rise, Medical, Educational, Parking Garages, Retail, Religious, Government & Military, Subcontractors, Shell Contractors, Framing Contractors, Masonry Contractors, Roofing Contractors, Drywall Contractors, Flooring Contractors, Suppliers, Lumber yards, Floor Coverings, Miscellaneous, Homeowners, Realtors, Architects, Developers, Engineers & anyone in need of detailed estimating & takeoff services.

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The company’s main target is to provide the highest quality, timely, and accurate estimates in an affordable manner. We offer a full range of services that can help you meet the needs of both large and small companies. Estimating companies NYC offers a comprehensive range of cost estimating services that can help you make sound business decisions. Whether you are planning a large-scale project, a simple one-time project, or even a combination of both, we can help.

Look for Experience

One thing that matters the most is experience, if the company is experienced they will provide work on time and they must have some way of ensuring the work quality. Most of the companies use traditional method and then use software to complete the process and ensure the quality. These companies are better because they are using a mix of traditional and modern method. Overall, these components add to the process and weightage of the company during the assessment process.


In the case of material takeoff companies, professionalism cannot be measured by how well the market knows the company. Instead, professionalism is associated with the accuracy of their work. They must have proper training and certification to perform and offer the services. The staff has to be properly trained to run the software of doing everything manually. The idea is to get the best value of the money that you are going to spend for hiring the company.

Final Verdict

The benefit of outsourcing the material takeoff company is that you will receive the work on time and there is a guarantee that the services will be performed by professionals. These companies have specialized and properly trained teams, the members of the team are familiar with the work and services that they are offering. These companies do not depend on the money of the other companies to learn the work.  These companies are good enough to afford the investment in better technological options and expensive software. Moreover, they don’t demand a lot of time or resources for delivering their work.