Concrete Takeoff Services NYC

From big construction companies to small businesses, We have served many general contractors, concrete contractors, asphalt contractors, foundation contractors, vendors, and pavers with the most accurate and highly detailed estimates and material takeoffs. We are well-reputed for our accuracy in the blue book. Get to know more!

We have successfully provided concrete takeoff services for sidewalk, driveway, retaining walls, concrete pavement, waterproofing, parking lots, flatwork, basement, concrete foundation, concrete curbs, concrete slabs, etc. for various private and public projects.

We’ve found that contractors who construct pavements, sidewalks, and driveways lack the expertise to create reliable concrete takeoff and rebar takeoff. Their onsite expertise isn’t very useful when developing estimates for the projects.

If you’re planning to bid on a project, it’s best to work with professional estimators that have insight on materials and their costs. The detailed takeoff we provide can help you win more bids and increase revenue.

Our team consists of experienced and certified estimators that can help you save time and costs in the long-run.

Concrete Estimating Services 

The concrete volume is the slab area times the thickness of the slab, including to the bottom of the corrugations in the form, if the specifications show 2 inches of concrete above the top of the corrugations, figure one-half inch for the corrugations, or figure the slab as two and one-half inches thick. Include the corrections in your figuring as if they were solid concrete. This will cover waste and possible sag in the form material. For stairs on fill: the takeoff items to consider here are sand fill, form risers, finish treads and risers, and concrete. For shored stairs, take off everything except the sand. Shored stair landings are taken off at the same time as shored stairs. For pan-fill stairs only finishing and concrete fill are take off. All stairs are taken off by the lineal feet of risers. If a stair has eight risers that are 4 feet long, it has 32 lineal feet of risers. To takeoff the concrete in a stair, figure 1 cubic foot per lineal foot of riser. At this point all of the main concrete work has been taken off from both the structural and the architectural drawings. Now, we must search out the less obvious items of concrete by looking through the drawings starting with the first drawing. On each drawing, check each section for concrete not taken off before like mechanical equipment bases and locker bases. These items will all have forms, finishing and concrete to takeoff and recap for pricing.

How much concrete do you need for that next foundation? How much rebar is needed for that estimate that’s due tomorrow? With Real Estimates you can determine everything from aggregate to how many yards of concrete should be on the next truck. You will quickly and accurately quantify material for any foundation or flatwork.

Real Estimates Total Takeoffs specializes in preparing material takeoffs and material lists for every construction trade. For the past 2 years we have successfully estimated thousands of construction projects. We typically estimate a hundred in a month. We provide unsurpassed professional estimating and takeoff services as well as cost validation, expert witness services and more.