Concrete Estimating Services | Outsource Concrete Takeoffs

If you are a construction company and you want to win a tender, it is very important to take part in the bidding process. To win a tender, the bid needs to be lower as the overall bidding process is very transparent. For your bidding to be the lowest you need an accurate material takeoff and pricing estimate for your project.

By taking benefit from out concrete estimating services, your bid will be closest and you will not only end up winning the tender with a huge profit but you will also be saving your time, money and resources. We have designed a method that is not only effective but also accurate and quick. We value the overall time and money of our clients because we value the work you do. With our help, you can just focus on the construction and design process while we handle the overall estimation of your projects.


  • Dams
  • Bridges
  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Marine structures
  • Highways
  • Driveways
  • Culverts and sewers
  • Foundations for high rise buildings
  • Fences

We provide our services for general and sub-contractors as well as owners, developers, asset managers, architects and engineers. Each estimator specializes in specific trades, resulting in the most up to date and specialized knowledge in their area. With this specialization comes the capacity to tailor any needs for your project. Our team has performed estimates for all trades on new construction and renovations for high rise residential & office buildings, hospitals, warehouses, transit hubs, restaurants and single family homes. 

Why Outsource Estimating?

Are you missing out on projects because you don’t have time to perform your construction takeoffs and finalize your estimates?

Many of our clients are working late trying to bid projects and create accurates estimates to win jobs.  It’s almost impossible to focus on projects during the day when there are distraction from the job site.

We specialize in working with Contractors and Developers.

Our team of seasoned estimators will digitally takeoff the quantities for your project and create your entire bid for you!

You’ll only need 15-20 minutes to review.

Uses: General Contracting, Site work, Concrete, Masonry, Steel, Wood work, Roofing, Fire stopping, Door and Windows, Interior Walls & Ceiling, Flooring, Painting, , Electrical, Mechanical, and most of other specific items / trade as needed.

If you’re planning to bid on a project, it’s best to work with professional estimators that have insight on materials and their costs. The detailed takeoff we provide can help you win more bids and increase revenue.

Our team consists of experienced and certified estimators that can help you save time and costs in the long-run.

Boost your chances when bidding; work with Remote Estimation. Contact us to learn more about our services.