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How do MEP engineers estimate project costs?

In order to estimate a project cost, MEP engineers must first know the scope of work, then it comes the traditional approach which is the following:

  • Dividing up the work and breaking it down into defined areas, such as Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing. …
  • Each of these structures will be further divided into cost items, with are measurable quantities of materials, labor and for some tasks; equipment cost is also included.
  • MEP engineers assign a unit cost to each item based on the local prices.

What is the role of MEP in construction?

Hence, the main role of an MEP company is to ensure that all of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are integrated seamlessly and efficiently into construction from the beginning. When we look at MEP participation in a project, it is often a major work, which is HVAC controlled by Mechanical and secondly goes by Electrical.

What are MEP materials?

The Materials Engineering and Processing (MEP) program supports fundamental research addressing the processing and performance of engineering materials by investigating the interrelationship of materials processing, structure, properties, and/or life-cycle performance for targeted applications. Materials processing proposals should focus on manufacturing processes that convert the material into a useful form as either intermediate or final composition.

What is the difference between HVAC and MEP?

MEP means Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing. HVAC means heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC is a sub-branch of Mechanical. It’s mainly used for residential (single-family, townhouse, multifamily, villa), commercial (Shopping mall, hospital, schools, seminar Hall, etc.), and Industrial.

Mechanical plumbing

Mechanical plumbing is a type of plumbing work that focuses on servicing the mechanical part of air-conditioning, heating, and other ventilating systems. This type of work can be provided to all buildings with machine facilities such as escalators, elevators, and medical gas equipment.

Where your bids have room for improvement

Before we go much further, take a moment to think back over the last several bids you’ve handed in.

Can you see where the customer may have been left wanting in the way you researched, formatted, and presented your estimates and bid? Can you highlight what it was about each lost job that caused the customer to look elsewhere? Or, what it was about a given bid that won you the job?

This kind of “post-mortem” analysis of each bid can quickly surface gaps in your current estimating and bidding process, and each gap you identify provides an opportunity for improvement. And, it doesn’t need to take hours. If you’re experienced, you can probably answer most of those questions off the top of your head in a few minutes.

Customer and prospect interviews

Sometimes, however, it does need to go a little further. Rest assured, you’re going to get a healthy return on this time investment. One simple and effective way to gather information for these “gap analyses” is to interview at least a portion of the prospects and customers you’ve presented bids to, whether you won the job or not.

Just a few quick and simple questions, couched in a sincere desire to continually improve your process, can yield valuable information while also enhancing your firm’s reputation in the eyes of the prospect or customer.

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