Electrical Estimating Services

Whether you are looking for a full time electrical estimating company, or an estimate on an as need basis, Real Estimate Service is here to service your needs. We use state of the art estimating software to generate our quotes and we have a tested process from start to finish. We value our clients and pledge to always maintain our client’s confidentiality and confidence!

Outsourcing electrical estimating is smart business and not something to take lightly. By using Real Estimate Service, you can be assured you are hiring some of the best electrical estimators in the business today. Every one of our estimators are Senior Estimators, have years of experience and know the business inside and out. We strive to be the best and to produce the most attractive, effective bid-winning electrical estimates possible to put your company in the best possible position to WIN..


Are you in need of outsourcing electrical estimating services? We offer electrical estimating services with unmatched quality especially tailored to enhance your productivity and maximize your profitability. Being a professional electrical estimating company, we are dedicated to bringing effective solutions while cutting costs to achieve our client’s satisfaction. You can count on us for all your electric estimating needs, whether it is design estimate, bid estimate, turnkey estimates, specific system estimate, or assistance with budgeting and competitive bid submission.

Our mission is to provide value to our clients through our expertise in the electrical industry. Areas of individualized consultation include, but are not limited to the following topics: How to start or grow an electrical contracting business. Capturing the competitive edge in your specific market area. Contract negotiating.

How We Do Electrical Estimates & Takeoffs?

We’ll start by doing a thorough breakdown of the construction plans and drawings to get a detailed overview of the project. Normally we use software to quickly find out and estimate various items like lighting fixtures, wiring, low voltage supplies, switches, etc. We also go through the light fixture schedules to quantify each and every electrical item based on its type and size. We’ll go through the different electrical installation costs and associated material required for the project. We can source electrical material costs from lists of your wholesale suppliers, or we can source wholesalers and supply you with quotes.

If you have preferred wholesalers that you work with for wiring, fittings, or other electrical components, we’d be happy to work with them and use their prices in your estimates.

There are a lot of different components that make up an electrical estimate. You need to consider light fittings, cable and wiring, outlets, data points, fittings, insulation, switchboards, circuit breakers, fuses, outlets, and much more. The more advanced the system, the higher the requirements will be. A lot of businesses and residential properties these days are choosing to install wireless smart features into their electrical layouts that require additional work that is detailed and complicated. All of these new features will require detailed and thorough breakdowns to ensure that the electrical estimate is accurate.

We can accomplish different tasks such as:

  • Project material, and labor takeoff
  • Complete estimate
  • Project job costing and budgeting
  • Records keeping
  • Project scheduling

Electrical Estimating Services

  • Subcontractor Packages Prepared and Submitted To Your Subcontractors
  • Material Packages Prepared And Submitted To Your Suppliers
  • Take Off Plans

Electrical Estimating Services In New York

Benefits of our electrical estimates:

  • Precise and comprehensive estimates that are easy to be reviewed and edited
  • Quick turnaround time and timely estimates to meet the deadlines
  • We provide our services at cost effective charges
  • Facilitation related to complete bidding process
  • Marketing of electrical contractors
  • Assistance related to lead generations
  • 24/7 support services will enable you to get answers to your questions without any delays

Contact us and allow us to serve you with our services. You can rely on our professional estimation services. Hire us, win bids and increase your profit margins.

Why you should come to us for electrical estimating services, quotes and more

If you decide to outsource electrical estimating services, our trained estimators will be sure to work with accuracy. We make the process simple and always aim to have your estimations back within a reasonable time agreed on by both parties. You only have to pay us when you have jobs to quote, or we can operate as additional staff when your have an overload of opportunities, either way we can make sure you never miss any opportunities again. You can remain focused on trade work while we gather information for professional estimates and quotes.

We have helped many companies stay on top of their takeoffs and costs with positive feedback. There is no need for paperwork to hold you back from completing your construction work and giving your best service to your customers. Let us calculate costs and quotes and save yourself time and stress.