Quantity Takeoff Explained

Quantity take-offs are a detailed measurement of materials and labor needed to complete a construction project. They are developed by an estimator during the pre-construction phase. This process includes breaking the project down into smaller and more manageable units that are easier to measure or estimate

How do you do quantity takeoff?

To produce a quantity takeoff, the estimator or contractor will need to work off drawings, blueprints, or models. The estimator will prepare a list of each material required to complete a construction project from the design paperwork
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What is a Quantity Takeoff?

Also known as estimating takeoffs, construction takeoffs, or material takeoffs, this process is about understanding the needs of a construction job ahead. They provide detailed measurements of the materials and labour that you will need to complete a construction project.

They are also used in planning, such as in making room lists to get your areas under control. Quantity takeoffs are mostly based on the physical, material requirements of a project, but they also cover other aspects such as rooms.

Before you start construction, you need to do a quantity takeoff in the pre-construction planning phase. It needs to include material estimates as well as anything else that the project requires. To produce quantity takeoffs, estimators will use blueprints or models and make a list of the materials needed to achieve the end-result.

While this was traditionally done manually (requiring a lot of skill), the digitisation of quantity takeoffs has advanced the process and made it far more accurate. This has included things like BIM, which helps to achieve the most accurate estimation results through detailed systems and models, and automated calculations. Get to know more!

What is material quantity takeoff?

In construction, takeoff, sometimes called quantity takeoff or material takeoff, refers to the counts and measures of materials and labor required for a construction project.
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Why ensure quantity takeoffs are done right?

One might be tempted to skip some aspects of quantity takeoffs, but this will defeat the entire purpose of the process. Accurately computing quantity takeoffs ensure that a project stays within budget. However, if quantity takeoffs are not performed accurately, it might mean that the project will cost higher than it should. There might also be a surplus of unnecessary material. It can also lead to an extended project timeline. Quantity takeoffs are time-consuming, but it is worth it getting them right the first time.

What stage in the project should a quantity takeoff take place?

Calculations of quantity takeoff is a critical stage in construction. Most contractors rely on quantity takeoffs to come up with a detailed cost estimate for a project. They then use the cost estimates when bidding for projects. Quantity takeoffs are therefore conducted during the preconstruction stage of a project. Due to design changes and client needs changes, the cost estimator will have to make frequent changes to the quantity takeoffs.