Freelance Construction Estimating Services

What Does a Freelance Estimator Do? As a freelance estimator, your responsibilities are to provide your client with a cost estimate for the materials, labor, and other aspects of projects like high rise construction, product manufacturing, or public works construction.

Here’s How to Find Talented Estimators

  1. Experience collecting historical data to estimate costs for projects.
  2. Consulting with clients, personnel in other departments, construction foremen, and vendors, to solve problems.
  3. Prepare any estimates used by management for planning, scheduling work, and organizing.

What do estimators do in construction?

Construction cost estimators prepare estimates for buildings, roads, and other construction projects. They may calculate the total cost of building a bridge or commercial shopping center, or they may calculate the cost of just one component, such as the foundation. Get to know more about Real Estimate Services!

How do you calculate an estimate?

The estimator is simply the function δ:Rn→R. The requirement is that it should be unbiased: Eθδ(X1,…,Xn)=0. Now vector (X1,…,Xn) assumes value (xi1,…,xin) with probability (1/3)n, where (xi1,…,xin)⊂{θ−1,θ,θ+1}n.

Freelance Construction Estimating Process

While providing Construction and Quantity takeoff Services, we start with reading the building drawings/plans and calculate the type and the number of materials required to build the specific building. The calculation of materials in terms of type and amount is called the quantity takeoffs. These calculations are put in an excel spreadsheet in an organized format and delivered to the client. The preparation and delivery of this spreadsheet are Construction and Quantity Takeoff Service.

In addition to Quantity takeoffs, we also provide accurate cost estimation services to our clients. The process is simple. The client sends us the project plans and we provide consultation as well as a quote to do the project according to the given scope. Once we have an agreement, we charge 50% of the fee initially and start the project. The first step in the process of estimating is to go through the project plans thoroughly and check if the concerned estimate is a budget estimate or a design estimate. The detailed estimate is performed with everything broken down to show each minor detail to the client. The site estimate is performed in the first step covering each and every small detail.

After the completion, delivery, and payment of the project, our support team remains in contact with the customer in case of any additions or changes. We have one of the best post-project support teams and we serve our clients in all the possible ways. We help each other grow.


  • • If you send more bids, then you will have more chances to win bids. By hiring a freelance estimator, you increase your chances of winning bids and it is all done on reduced expenses. You do not have to pay a full salary to an estimator, along with other benefits. Moreover, you have a fully capable and skilled estimator working for you when you want.
  • Availability on Demand
  •  Freelancing Platforms Offer More Choices
  • Working with Vetted Freelance Estimators
  • Payment Protection Through Escrow
  • Reducing Overhead Costs
  • Guarantees on Quality of Work

How much does it cost to hire an estimator?

Here in our area, there is a vast range of salaries that estimators earn, but in general you’re looking at probably somewhere between $70 and $80 thousand per year to hire a good estimator. On top of that, most are going to want a vehicle and fuel furnished, especially a project manager/estimator