Electrical Estimating Services

How Do You Calculate Sitework?

Sitework estimates must consider the following:

  1. Pre-bid investigation. Plans and specifications. Site visit and soil borings. Pre-estimate checklists. …
  2. Trucking optimization. Bidding and mark-up discussion. Equipment costing. Road calculations. …
  3. Clearing and demolition. Dewatering methods. Specification analysis. Safety requirements.

What is an Earthwork estimator?

Students will learn to accurately estimate earthwork construction costs. Using a real set of drawings, students will complete a variety of earthwork take-offs and will apply labor and material costs to each take-off.

What does an estimating team do?

Known in the industry as either an Estimator or Cost Planner, but whichever term is used they work out how much it costs to supply a building or services to a client. They become involved in a project in its early stages, often whilst in competition with other companies.

We specialize in construction estimating and related technical services, and we are serious about the construction estimating business.

We understand the need for accurate quantity and cost information, and we are the specialists who supply this information to contractors, design professionals, construction managers and building owners.

Earthwork analysis and quantity takeoff are areas where we add tremendous value to traditional estimating.

We provide easy-to-understand color-coded reports that help you accurately see the grading of the site, ensuring you accuracy and confidence in your bids, and ensure less estimating rework later once you’re into the project.

Sitework estimates must consider the following:

Pre-bid investigation
Plans and specifications
Site visit and soil borings
Pre-estimate checklists
Area and perimeter calculations
Cut/fill calculations: average end area method
Soils shrink and swell
Cut/fill calculations: grid cell method
Soils classifications
Matching equipment to soil type
Excavation production
Bulk excavation exercise
Crew analysis
Trucking optimization
Bidding and mark-up discussion
Equipment costing
Road calculations
Mass haul diagrams
Earthwork “Rules of Thumb”
Estimating forms and formats
Trench volume calculations
Trenching productivity
Pipe laying productivity
Storm drainage exercise
Materials costing
Equipment selection procedures
Subsurface interferences
Clearing and demolition
Dewatering methods
Specification analysis
Safety requirements
Complete the estimate
Sanitary sewer exercise
Estimate slopes/shoulders
Curb and gutter calculations
Estimate and quantify asphalt paving
Estimate and quantify concrete paving
Estimate hauling costs
Crew assemblies
Estimate Compaction