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MEP Estimation – Quality Electrical Cost Estimator Services

Are you an MEP contractor and are unable to handle the pesky task of estimation and takeoff? You’re not alone. There’re number of specialized tradesman that are experts in all the gamesmanship of electrics and allied services but are unable to run a commercial electrical company in profits. That’s because running an MEP business is not just about getting the job done right. It’s about finding new opportunities, bidding new ventures, and looking to excel and thrive.

MEP companies are always in high demand. But at the same time, there’s a competition out there. With many companies offering quality services; clients are always looking to hire one that’s low on their bid but are competitive at the same time.

So, now that you’ve mastered to your trade; it’s time to invest in high quality estimation services. That’s critical if you’re seeking flexibility, freedom, and reliable income. A reputable estimation services company allows your business to thrive and grow without much hassle.

While you’re taking care of the business challenges, we’re here to hunt new ventures for you. Taking off from MEP drawings and preparing a quote is quite a daunting task. It needs a lot of hard work, effort, and dedicated time. But you can’t manage such a demanding business without outsourcing the MEP estimation services. With new innovations and technologies out there, the industry is always changing. You’ve got to embrace change and be quick on your feet.   

So, in our today’s read, we’ll try to explore how we can help you prepare accurate estimates that’ll in turn give you long-term success.

Feeling intrigued? Let’s jump straight in. 

General MEP estimation services

To make an accurate estimate, you need to know how to size your project correctly and how to estimate the quantities of materials needed. For each of your MEP installation projects, estimating and costing is a crucial step.

You also need accurate estimates to schedule your labor and to synchronize your material delivery plan. You need to set your business goals and forecast your profit margins beforehand. To be a good MEP company, you’ve got to know your basic costing structure including overheads and relevant costs. With proper planning and knowing the project details, you can work through the project bidding and estimation easily.

Because of so many moving parts in MEP, it is important to divide your project into different phases. You need to make sure not to make guesses. But always make sure to use update costs for your items like conducting and wiring. There’re number of items in MEP that are always have changing costs.

When you’re looking to get on with a project, you need to prepare blueprints and drawings so you’re clear with the scope of project. If the project is a small-scale renovation, you can make a rough sketch just to have an idea of items. Estimation for MEP services is a task handled by experienced individual as it involves the planning of each activity including the required type of tools and workforce. 

To make an accurate estimate, you need to know how to size your project correctly and how to estimate the quantities of materials needed.

  • Know the project scope – Before you can estimate how much time your project will take, you have to know what it will entail.
  • Do some research into similar projects and try to determine why they took so long, as well as how many people were involved in each of them.
  • Each building system is also categorized into parts such as materials and labor, as well as equipment that need to be purchased.
  • You can now convert these required items from numbers to cost by assigning the cost associated to each item.
  • The next step in estimating a MEP project is to assign resources. Start by determining your list of potential subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors. Then ask each potential resource how much they typically charge per hour or day.
  • Add up all of their estimates. After you have your hourly rate per resource type, multiply that number by the time you need to get the job done.

Although the process of cost estimation may look pretty straightforward but it is a complicated job, especially when working on larger projects. However, reputable estimation companies like RealEstimateServices use powerful tools to make it simple to draft and estimate, while MEP engineers can focus on what they do best: making good technical decisions.

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There is a misconception that the softwares we have today can make estimation simple. However, there always a need of a technical help from experts. Software can only provide accurate results if the right calculations are put in place by qualified estimation professionals. Projects usually involve decision-making about different equipment options, and only qualified engineers are equipped to make the best choices.

Why us?

So, you see MEP estimation is quite a task. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We cover all residential and commercial projects for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing estimates.  Our experts will make sure to convert the bid you’re missing a lot. We plan things properly and take the guesswork out of the equation.

With our years of experience in MEP work, our experts can solve all your relevant problems. Whether you’re a contractor, general builder, subcontractor, a landowner, or a home builder; we can help you increase your bid rate by as much as 90%.

Our packages are affordable and you can hire us on monthly or project-wise packing. We can quickly quantify material takeoffs for all MEP materials include Air Handling Units, smoke detectors, Air Conditioning units, Air devices, exhaust fans, pumps, chillers, duct fittings, louvers, water heaters, humidifiers, pumps, air filters, hangers, and louvers. As most of these equipments are of high value so it is critical to choose them as per approved specification and count them correctly.

As soon as you’ll hire us, our team will start working on preparing quantity takeoff sheets with accuracy. They’ll analyze all the requirements of the project and the scope of work. They’ll prepare sheets for all items using softwares like blue beam, plan DUCT, and Plan Swift. You’ll get exact values and no approximation.