Plumbing Estimating Services

Plumbing Estimating Services - Plumbing Estimators

Plumbers don’t have time and hands-on expertise to overview the drawings and plans to check whether the plans will work in the working environment or not. For this, our estimators take extra time to review and make corrective changes.

When you’re planning on building a new home, you’ll want to collect bids from a few different plumbers. Depending on the home’s location, whether it be Portland, OR, the greater Washington area, or somewhere in between, will play a large role in construction costs. The size of the building and the type of materials used are also some of the most important variables in construction expenses. Plumbing is not the place to go cheap. When things are built right, you can rest easy knowing your plumbing will stand up to daily use.

From large commercial ventures to smaller residential projects estimation, we have delivered exceptional estimating services for the plumbing works of Private and Government Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Healthcare, Institutional, and site utility projects.


  • Material Takeoffs
  • Budget Estimates
  • Conceptual Estimates
  • Detailed Design Development Estimates
  • Bid Estimates
  • Bid Reviews
  • Bidding Assistance
  • Unbiased Third Party Estimate
  • Procurement & Change Orders
  • Project Cost Management
  • Subcontractor Marketing
  • Plumbing Project Lead

Plumbing Drawings and Architectural Drawings

Read through all plumbing notes in the drawings so you don’t miss any instructions that may explain additional work or materials involved.  Also, take time to compare the plumbing drawings to the architectural drawings. They do not always give the same details and it can help you with your plumbing estimating.

Plumbing Estimating for Needed Subcontractors

Take note of any subcontractors you may need and contact them to give you their own quote for specific work. Supply a copy of the drawings to the contractors and clearly tell them what date you need their estimates. This not only saves you time, but it keeps your estimate more accurate and helps ensure that the contractors you are hiring are receiving their fair pay.

Plumbing Estimating Guidance: The Devil is in the Details

Commercial Plumbing Estimating

Plumbing estimating for commercial projects can be very complex. When the system you are building or repairing is meant to be used for a large volume of people, the system will need to be more intricate. The materials are industrial grade and there will be greater probability of higher cost if there are damages or items left off the estimate. The flip side is working in commercial plumbing can also yield a much higher profit if the plumbing estimating is done correctly.

Commercial Plumbing Equipment

When creating a commercial plumbing bid, recognize the additional equipment needed.  Take into account any lifts or cranes you will need and include those rental costs in the plumbing estimating.  Sometimes, there are costs for foreman or project managers in commercial work that you will be responsible for. Cover the fees in your proposal and be sure to include a reasonable profit margin.

Typical Plumbing Costs by Service Type

To get a more accurate idea of how much you might be required to pay, you need to identify the problem. The problem could be anything from a shower drain clog to a major sewer pipe malfunction. Due to the variations in how long a repair takes and how challenging it is, different repairs have widely different prices. Here are the average costs for plumbing repair broken down by repair type.

  • Drain clog: $125 to $300
  • Leaky pipe: $150 to $700
  • Drain line problems: $250 to $1,000
  • Toilet issue: $150 to $300
  • Broken water heater: $200 to $900
  • Water main repair: $400 to $2,000
  • Septic tank problem: $300 to $2,500
  • Well pump repair: $350 to $1,350
  • Sewer issue: $1,200 to $4,000