Schluter heated floor calculator

Schluter heated floor calculator

How do you calculate floor load for Schluter Ditra heat?

If your floor-heating system is located under carpet or laminate, its wattage should be 12 watts per square foot. In this case, multiply 12 by the square footage of the heated area in the room and divide by 1,000 to get the kilowatt load usage.

The heating cable must be spaced a minimum distance from the following:

  1. Walls, partitions, and fixed cabinets = 2″ (50 mm)
  2. Heat sources (baseboard heaters, fireplaces, forced air heating ducts, etc.) = 8″ (200 mm)
  3. Floor drains = 4″ (100 mm)
  4. The centerline of toilet drains = 7″ (180 mm)

How much electricity does DITRA-HEAT use?

The approximate cost of operating Schluter Ditra-Heat is roughly $0.10 per square foot, per month. Cost may vary per project. If you have approximately 80 square feet of Schluter Ditra-Heat, it costs approximately $8.00 per month to run your heated floor 24/7.

What does floor load mean for heated floors?

The load is the total amount of watts from all the heating cables connected to the thermostat. It is normally set during the initial setup of the thermostat.

How do I calculate how much underfloor heating I need?

To calculate how much pipe is required, you will need to divide the area of your room(s) by the pipe spacing you require. What should be the maximum circuit length? To avoid excessive temperature and pressure drops, Uheat recommends a maximum circuit length of 100m (for the 15, 16, and 20mm pipes).

How is the heated area calculated?

Add the square footage of finished, heated basements or attics to your total living area square footage. Measure the length and width of any finished interior rooms in the basement or attic. Add 5 inches to each measurement. Multiply the length and width measurements of these heated areas.

What advantages does a 240-volt heating unit have over a 120-volt heating unit?

At 240V the amperage is 50% of what it is at 120V. So, by using 240V you are able to take up less space in your electrical panel, and allow more room to make any future modifications that involve electricity. It also requires less wiring and you can fit more heaters on a 240V circuit than you can on a 120V circuit.

How many BTU do I need for underfloor heating?

Understanding the Power of your Underfloor Heating System

When you are choosing your underfloor heating system, it is usually recommended that you go with a 150 – 200W/m² option